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Nick Foles Apparently Has The Biggest Dick In The Eagles Locker Room

nick foles

by Frank Rhombus

The dude is slinging pigskins for the Philadelphia Eagles in the fall and winter, but Nick Foles apparently carries a gigantic purple-headed yogurt slinger with him year round.

The Washington Mudslide Looks Like A Huge Dick From Space

washington mudslide dick

by Frank Rhombus

Sure, there is nothing funny about the death toll from the March 22nd mudslide in Snohamish County, Washington reaching 29 today. But the fact that the aftermath looks like a big, brown cock when viewed from space is fucking hysterical.

Rams Player Brings Down Vernon Davis By His Bologna Pony

vernon davis

by Tommy Gimler

Most of the time when a Facebook friend sends us a video of one man grabbing ahold of another man’s dick, he is instantly deleted. But we’ll give Jeffrey in Dallas a pass on this one.

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