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You Should Be Pissed At These Turds Instead Of Dan Le Batard

dan le batard

by Tommy Gimler

Sports writers across the country are freaking out over Dan Le Batard’s decision to give his vote for baseball’s Hall of Fame to Deadspin, who in turn let their readers determine which players made that ballot. We say fuck that. Their anger should be directed at these piles of pig shit instead.

Cup Check! Cal State Fullerton Player Gets Hit In The Nuts By A Pitch

college baseball player gets hit by pitch in the dick

by Tommy Gimler

Finally a reason to watch college baseball.

Think Your Wife Is A Crazy Bitch? Check Out This Broad

crazy bitch

by Tommy Gimler

Last night’s fourth quarter of the Heat-Bulls game was as exciting as it gets during a 37-point blowout. Upset with the pig shit referees, who more than ensured that Miami would not go to Chicago in an 0-2 hole, both Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson were ejected at the 10:13 mark for arguing with them. And while Gibson’s f-bomb laden escort from the court was well worth waiting for instead changing the channel for some late-night Skinemax, it was this picture from Deadspin of this crazy bitch flipping off Noah heading to the locker room that has everybody talking (well, except Stephen Hawking):

NoSuch Dame: The Best Manti Te’o Jokes Of The Past 24 Hours

Manti Teo

by Tommy Gimler

Like Manti Te’o’s play in the National Championship game, the portrayal of him being a victim in this “girlfriend hoax” is a fucking joke.

Bangin’ In Yankee Stadium


by Tommy Gimler

Apparently back-to-back home runs from Curtis Granderson and Eduardo Nunez got this broad more excited than sitting front row at Magic Mike 3D.

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