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You Might Need A Fresh Set Of Drawers After Seeing This Bryce Harper Home Run

bryce harper home run

by Tommy Gimler

Ho. Lee. Shit.

Here’s A Rather Shitty Call From Umpire Mike Estabrook In The Diamondbacks Game Yesterday

shitty robbie ray call

by Tommy Gimler

Yup, the sports day before the Mayweather-McGregor fight is slower than the kid who bagged my groceries at Piggly Wiggly this morning.

DUD MLB Preview: NL West Projected Standings


by Frank Rhombus

The Dodgers are 1-to-3 favorites to win the NL West this year, so there’s as much value in making that bet as there is in trying to have an emotional relationship with Lindsay Lohan. The Dodgers are probably going to win the division, but it’s going to be a lot closer than most people think, with the Dbacks, Giants, and Padres all sniffing their ass at the finish line…

Who Are The Worst Fans In Major League Baseball?

tampa bay empty seats

by Tommy Gimler

I ran into a Dodgers “fan” at the local liquor store this afternoon who surprisingly spoke English and was actually paying for his unusual order of Keystone Light and two cups of Yopait. But as I listened to him attempt to make a case for Yasiel Puig being an All-Star, repeatedly referring to him as Kaseem Puig instead, I had to ask myself if there actually is a such thing as a Dodgers fan who isn’t totally worthless. And it got us thinking, along with the Dodgers, what other teams have the worst fans in Major League Baseball?

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