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Probably The Worst Call In College Basketball This Year

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by Tommy Gimler

The calendar has hit March, and that means many of you are starting to watch the game of college basketball for the first time since, well, this time last year.

A-10 Tells Players To Do The ‘Bash Brothers’ Forearm Bump Instead Of Handshakes So They Don’t Get Coronavirus

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by Tommy Gimler

It doesn’t matter to us what you believe about the coronavirus, but this is indeed a “shit you not” story about it.

Ain’t That Some Shit When You Dribble Out The Final Seconds Of A Basketball Game Because You Thought You Were Winning But You Were Actually Losing?


by Tommy Gimler

Nobody has ever accused the kids at Bryant University of being smarter than the kids at Brown, but that was ridiculously obvious on the hardwood Monday night.

Last Chance To Win $100 In The DUD’s Free March Madness Bracket Challenge!

lehigh cheerleaders

by Tommy Gimler

Hey, it might not be a billion dollars for a perfect bracket, but that’s still enough cash for you and your fat wife to enjoy a one hundred 7-Eleven slurpees.

The Worst #1 Seeds Since 2000


by Tommy Gimler

Who makes the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament and where they are seeded usually creates a bigger argument than the first time you throw a pinky in your wife’s brown star, and this year is shaping up to be no different. Florida, Wichita State, and Arizona all look like solid #1 seeds, but which team will claim the fourth top spot is a bigger question mark than Tyler Perry’s sexuality. Unless it’s Villanova, odds are they won’t be as bad as these turds of tournament past.

The DUD At The Final Four: Wichita State Is Gone, But The Shocker Lives On

wichita state cheerleaders shocker

by Tommy Gimler

We visited the Final Four this weekend to take in all of the excitement March Madness has to offer, even though it’s April. Of course, we found that when the Georgia Dome isn’t selling alcohol inside, most of that excitement takes place outside next to the beer vendors. And what better a place to find people willing to test their knowledge of legendary sex moves like the Shocker, Houdini, and Cincinnati Chili Dog.

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