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People Still Think Running With Bulls Is A Good Idea

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by Tommy Gimler

Look, mom! I’m a fucking idiot! Send more money for college and now medical bills, though.

Listen To The Sports Gambling Podcast’s Colby Dant And Friends Talk To Mike Leach About Bigfoot…And College Football


by Tommy Gimler

Show me a coach not named Mike Leach who’s willing to go on the record about Bigfoot and then schemes used today to pay college players, and I’ll show you a fucking liar.

Colby Dant Is A Stud When It Comes To Betting On College Football And He’s Here To Help Make Your Bookie Your Bitch


by Tommy Gimler

Colby Dant’s “Six Pack” went 5-1 last week, so now it’s time to grab a mimosa and your kid’s college fund and listen to this week’s picks.

If You’re Not Gambling Or Playing Fantasy Sports, Football In 2018 Is Simply Unwatchable


by Tommy Gimler

Well, at least at the professional level.

Learn How To Crush Your Bookie With Our Latest Podcast Featuring The Sports Gambling Podcast’s Colby Dant

eric musselman

by Tommy Gimler

Just like everything else, college basketball is so much better when you have money on it.

A Sports Gambling Podcast Pro Is Here To Help You Fill Out The Perfect Bracket

NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 20 Div I Men's Championship - Second Round - Villanova v Iowa

by Tommy Gimler

This is the year you finally beat the autistic kid in your group.

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