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Nobody Has Summed Up This Whole “Donald Sterling Is A Piece Of Shit Racist Mother Fucker” Thing Better Than Snoop Dogg

snoop dogg

by Tommy Gimler

Or is it still Snoop Lion? Damn, I’m so out of this rap game these days.

You Think We’re Sick? The Mavericks-Clippers Halftime Show Tonight Featured Retards Playing Full Court 5-On-5


by Frank Rhombus

If you want an entertaining NBA halftime show in your arena, then put a Chinese broad on a unicycle while she balances dishes. Put some trampolines underneath the baskets so a couple of gymnast queers can pull off some sick dunks. Hell, put a couple of puppies at center court and let them take turns eating their own shit for Christ’s sake. But 5-on-5 hoops between kids who can’t tie their shoes and spend half the day smelling their hands that they just pulled from their asses? Damn, girlfriend.

Yes, I am a Clippers Fan!


special to the DUD from the Dug

No! This is not “just a hat” (or shirt, or scarf, or pin, or coat, or jersey). Any time I leave the house in Clippers gear, I have to answer that question.

The Lakers Were A Goddamn Embarrassment Last Night

Lakers lose by 48 points to the Clippers

by Tommy Gimler

To say the Los Angeles Lakers are a bad team this year is a bigger understatement than me saying I would like to take Kate Upton out to dinner, as everybody knows I would eat a Skor Bar out of her asshole. And I fucking hate Skor Bars. But their 48-point beatdown courtesy of the Clippers Thursday night was a bigger joke than a Goo Goo Dolls live album.

The DUD Asks Our Resident Black Guy Why Nobody Cares That Matt Barnes Called His Teammates Niggas

Matt Barnes Fight

by Tommy Gimler

Los Angeles Clippers forward/turd Matt Barnes was ejected from last night’s 111-103 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder for shoving Serge Ibaka after he became tangled with Barnes’ teammate Blake Griffin. Following his exit, Barnes took to Twitter and proceeded to call his teammates “niggas.” No word yet on how pissed Byron Mullens was about that.

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