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Only 974 People Showed Up To Watch The White Sox Lose To The Rays

white sox rays game

by Tommy Gimler

Roughly 9.5 million people live in the Chicago metro area, but only 0.01 percent of them decided to show up to Monday’s Rays-White Sox game at Guaranteed Rate Field.

Watch This Kid Get Drilled By A Foul Ball At The Cubs-White Sox Game

kid foul ball white sox cubs

by Tommy Gimler

Stay in school, kid. Baseball obviously isn’t your thing.

Oy Vey! No More Of “The Stripper” at Blackhawks Games?

banning the stripper

by Eddie Bagelstein

If we can’t get blatant sexism at sporting events, where the hell can we?

Watch Billy Cub Punch A Dude In The Face With His Paw

Billy Cub Punches Guy

by Tommy Gimler

If you’ve been dying to see an unofficial Chicago Cubs mascot walk into a Wrigleyville bar and then punch a guy in the face with his paw after the guy removed his oversized bear dome, you’re in luck because it happened yesterday after the Cubs were blanked by the Phillies.

DUD MLB Preview: Chicago White Sox

adam dunn

mostly a special to the DUD from Mandatory’s Gary Dudak, but a nice cheap shot forward from Tommy Gimler

We asked Gary Dudak to write a preview of the 2014 Chicago White Sox because he’s a die-hard fan, which is surprising considering he has a college degree. We think they’re going to be absolute pig shit and Dudak’s worst case scenario seems more like their best. Then again, we don’t know too much about Chicago’s South Side, and we’re pretty happy about that. Any crap, here is Gary Dudak’s preview of the 2014 Chicago White Sox:

New Chicago Cubs Mascot Looks Like A Huge Pussy

clark cubs mascot

by Tommy Gimler

The Chicago Cubs have unveiled the first mascot in their modern history, and just like the Cubs themselves, it looks like others would have no problem beating the shit out of it.

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