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Poor Louisville Cheerleader Takes A Football Right To The Damn Face

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 10.42.22 AM

by Tommy Gimler

Labor Day sucked if you were rooting for Louisville.

Where Was This Broad When I Was 12?

elizabeth garner

by Tommy Gimler

In case you wondering, it’s still very much illegal to touch a 12-year-old kid’s Lincoln Log and offer him a beej no matter how good you looked four years ago.

Smoking Hot Cheerleader Sinks Half Court Shot

Ashlee Arnau - WCU Cheerleader Hits Half Court Shot

by Tommy Gimler

We couldn’t label this cheerleader as sexy until we confirmed that William Carey was a university and not a high school. But now that that is settled, being smoking hot isn’t Ashlee Arnau’s only talent. Here’s something else from Ashlee that might require you to change your drawers:

Oh, It’s OK If She Does It, I Guess

sarah jones

by Tommy Gimler

You won’t find Dixie Heights High School in Crestview Hills, Kentucky on the list when it comes to America’s Top 1,000 high schools. But then again, it’s pretty hard to see the chalkboard when your teacher is sitting on your face.

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