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Further Proof That Stephen A. Smith Is A Worthless Turd

stephen a smith hunter henry

by Tommy Gimler

My 14-week old daughter’s breastmilk shit-laced diapers make more sense than this clown.

Here’s Exactly How The AFC West Will Finish This Year

Denver Broncos sign quarterback Case Keenum

by Tommy Gimler

Pray for Broncos fans such as Shaggy McKnight, Jess Place, Adam Pockross and T Sean Phillips, as they’ve all been forced to believe in Case Keenum.

Chargers Fans Hope Ryan Matthews Dies Of AIDS

Ryan Mathews

by Tommy Gimler

Nobody has ever considered San Diego Chargers fans of being the best fans in the world, probably because, much like Lennay Kekua, they don’t exist. I mean, odds are if you ever come across a dude wearing a Chargers hat, you’re looking at either a fucking bum or a guy who just signed up for the Discover card.

R.I.P. Junior Seau

Junior Seau

by Tommy Gimler

12-time Pro Bowl and 6-time First-Team All-Pro linebacker Junior Seau is dead at the age of 43 from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest.

The NFL Shah: Part One


by Kinner Shah

It’s that time of year again, arguably more exciting than the draft—it’s signing time. It’s a time-honored tradition. Who goes where, and for how much. Some teams make out well, while other teams? Dick sandwich. But who really knows how anything will turn out? Here’s just a tickle of what’s gone on so far.

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