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Go Bara Like This Melissa McCarthy Elephant Or Go To Home This Weekend, Bro


by Rakesh the Intern

Listen, bro. I check out this movie Identity Thief on the HBO last night, and I have to say that this Melissa McCarthy has to be funniest fat woman I have ever seen, my friend. But she would not be welcome back in Howrah, bro. There would just be too many fear that she would eat entire winter supply of goat meat, and there is no way that rickshaw driver could transport her without destroying of back. She is what we call bara (big) in my country, and that is exactly what you have to be when you are betting on the AFC and NFC Championship Game, bro.

Auburn Fan Has Potential $50,000 Winning Bet, Doesn’t Hedge, Is A Goddamn Idiot

auburn gambling ticket

by Tommy Gimler

There are very few times life serves up a situation where no matter what happens, you’re walking away a winner. Sometimes it’s in the form of a gymnast from your high school telling you she’ll do any position with you except doggy. Fine. Who gives a shit? She’s a gymnast for Christ’s sake.

Analyzing The Ramblings Of An Absolute Dipshit: Phil Simms Edition

simms nantz

by Frank Rhombus

If you’re finding it difficult to follow along with CBS’ coverage of the AFC Championship Game today, don’t even think about blaming the Evan Williams and Diet Rite in your left hand or the silo of Schlitz in your right. Of course the game isn’t in England. It’s in New England. You’re just questioning yourself because you heard Phil Simms say it was in the old country.

How The “Experts” Are Picking The Championship Games

matt ryan

by Tommy Gimler

I had a friend tell me that I should write an article today on Manti Te’o being a homosexual, but I told him much like Lance Armstrong admitting he took every PED known to man, that it wouldn’t be news.

Worst National Championship Game Ever?

Roll Tide

by Tommy Gimler

Last night’s BCS Championship Game was a bigger disappointment than the time I took a girl to see the movie Juno and later found out she was a 27-year-old virgin. I was 29, she was 27. I was sexually active, of course. I mean, c’mon. I play guitar and work out. But she wasn’t broken in yet. And there we were, watching a movie about two high school kids fucking and one of them getting knocked up. Now that’s disappointing. And last’s night’s game was worse than that.

Betting On The Big Game? Rakesh Is Here To Help, Bro

bcs game

by Rakesh The Intern

Check it out, bro. It’s the BCS Championship Game, and it doesn’t get any bigger than tonight, my friend. It’s like the equivalent to battling for The Elephant Cup in the Howrah Cricket League back in my home country of India. Except members of the winning team back home win an average of six rupees and free tank of gas for their moped, boss. Regardless of the outcome in tonight’s game, each school will take home enough money to feed the entire population of Howrah for the next twenty years, bro.

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