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Here’s Carlos Gomez Making A Great Catch Despite Getting Scissored By His Teammate

carlos gomez scissoring

by Tommy Gimler

Believe it or not, Carlos Gomez is still playing baseball in the big leagues.

Just Checking In Annnnnnnd Carlos Gomez Is Still Fucking Garbage

carlos gomez sucks

by Frank Rhombus

If you’re into players who try to put the ball into the Disneyland parking lot on a 1-2 pitch but fail miserably every goddamn time, then boy, do we have the guy for you.

Boy, Carlos Gomez Is A Real Bag Of Shit

carlos gomez sucks

by Tommy Gimler

It turns out the Milwaukee Brewers could have traded Mike Fiers and Carlos Gomez to Houston for a Carlos Correa used condom last year, and they still would have made out on the deal.

The Atlanta Braves Need To Knock This Shit Off

brian mccann carlos gomez

by Tommy Gimler

Who in the fuck do the Atlanta Braves think they are? Sure, Milwaukee’s Carlos Gomez is a human pile of pig shit who is long, and I mean Lexington Steele long, overdue for a proper ass beating, but this whole “Holier Than Thou” routine that they’ve put on over the last two weeks is chapping our asses something fierce.

The DUD MLB Midseason Report: NL Central

pittsburgh pirates

by Tommy Gimler

If you had Colorado’s Michael Cuddyer owning the season’s longest hitting streak at 27 games, you’re a fucking liar. Likewise, nobody pegged the Pittsburgh Pirates to own baseball’s best record on the final day of June. After 82 games, B.J.Upton is hitting just .177. On the opposite side of the spectrum, New York’s Matt Harvey leads the NL in ERA, WHIP, BAA, opponents OPS, and strikeouts.

Brewers’ Great Robin Yount Shoots Former Shitty Player And Current Cubs Manager Dale Sveum


by Tommy Gimler

Milwaukee Brewers Hall of Fame outfielder Robin Yount accidentally shot Chicago Cubs manager Dale Sveum this offseason while the two were quail hunting in Arizona. Now if we can just get Yount to take Ozzie Guillen on his next trip, we’ll be making some real progress.

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