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This Florida State Fan Had One Hell Of A Time Watching His Seminoles Beat Louisville

florida state hookers

by Tommy Gimler

Surprisingly, Papa John wasn’t the drunkest guy in Louisville this weekend.

Cardinals Pitcher Dakota Hudson Finding Out He Made It To The Show Is Something Special

Dakota Hudson

by Tommy Gimler

The only problem? You guessed it – he plays for the Cardinals.

Cardinals Radio Guy Mike Shannon Is Here To Talk ‘Blow Jobs’


by Tommy Gimler

Well, I’ll be honest. He’s got me listening.

Stephen Piscotty Got Hit By The Ball Three Times In One Inning Last Night

stephen piscotty hit in head

by Tommy Gimler

Stephen Piscotty had one hell of a night last night, but it wasn’t one of those 3-for-the-price-of-1 on choice puss kind of nights.

DUD MLB Preview: NL Central Projected Standings


by Tommy Gimler

Quick. Without looking, name the three starting outfielders for the 2014 Chicago Cubs. Yeah, it’s that bad on the North Side.

DUD Commentary: Jhonny Peralta Gives Us 52 Million Reasons Why Every Aspiring Baseball Player Should Use PEDs

jhonny peralta

by Tommy Gimler

How’s this for a doping penalty? After makingĀ $5.5 million for a stellar 2012 season in which he hit .239 with 13 home runs and 63 RBI for Detroit, Jhonny Peralta earned a pro-rated $6 million last year when he was suspended 50 games for PED use. And finally, to show that PED use will not be tolerated in Major League Baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals signed him to a four-year, $52 million deal yesterday.

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