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How About These Kids Playing Hockey On The Highway While Waiting For A Yuge Pileup To Clear?

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 10.39.56 AM

by Tommy Gimler

Nothing gets between Canadians and their hockey. Nothing.

Behold The Greatest Arrest Video The World Has Ever Known

spruce grove arrest

by Tommy Gimler

We’ve never been to Spruce Grove, but it appears to be the closest thing Canada has to Florida.

A Canadian Skier, His Wife And Manager Got Shithoused And Stole A Hummer In PyeongChang

dave duncan canada

by Tommy Gimler

Now that’s a true team effort, kids.

Finally The World Baseball Classic Gives Us Something Worth Watching: A Fist Fight Between Mexicans and Canadians

WBC Brawl

by Tommy Gimler

Usually in a game of baseball, if a player’s team is up by six runs and he lays a bunt down the third base line, you not only drill the next batter in his dome, but you also find out where his kid attends elementary school, tie him up against the tetherball pole, and then beat the snot out of him.

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