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Dennis Rodman And Carmen Electra Humped All Over The Bulls Practice Facility

screen shot

by Tommy Gimler

And you think sterilizing everything now is important?

The Worst Call In The History Of Sports?

ohio buffalo safety

by Tommy Gimler

All right. It’s not as bad as the dipshit who made the call to sign Vernon Wells to a seven-year, $126 million contract, but it’s pretty close.

Think Your Wife Is A Crazy Bitch? Check Out This Broad

crazy bitch

by Tommy Gimler

Last night’s fourth quarter of the Heat-Bulls game was as exciting as it gets during a 37-point blowout. Upset with the pig shit referees, who more than ensured that Miami would not go to Chicago in an 0-2 hole, both Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson were ejected at the 10:13 mark for arguing with them. And while Gibson’s f-bomb laden escort from the court was well worth waiting for instead changing the channel for some late-night Skinemax, it was this picture from Deadspin of this crazy bitch flipping off Noah heading to the locker room that has everybody talking (well, except Stephen Hawking):

The DUD Roundtable: The NBA and Flopping


by Tommy Gimler and the Catalina Gang

Remember in school when you had to team up with a few other students, one of whom usually smelled like dog shit, and you would write one paragraph before passing it on to them to write the next one? Well, I’m on a boat, and that’s what we’re doing here. Today’s topic: The NBA plans to fix flopping…

NBA Breakdown

derrick rose

by Tommy Gimler

Halfway through the NBA season, and the only thing people want to talk about outside of Los Angeles is a shot that LeBron James passed up during an exhibition game. Somebody cue the Allen Iverson “practice” rant.

Three Billboards You’ll Never See

el hombre

by Tommy Gimler

Turns out Albert Pujols is not a huge fan of the Angels’ marketing campaign this spring.

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