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You Might Need A Fresh Set Of Drawers After Seeing This Bryce Harper Home Run

bryce harper home run

by Tommy Gimler

Ho. Lee. Shit.

Here’s Something You Don’t Want To See After Betting $50 With Your Pal That The Nationals Will Make It To The World Series

bryce harper knee

by Tommy Gimler

Well, shit.

Bryce Harper Is Hotter Than Charlotte McKinney Eating Chocolate Ganache Out of Kate Upton’s Asshole

bryce harper on fire

by Tommy Gimler

Even the most casual of baseball fans knows that Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper is on fire this month. It’s just that nobody has said it as eloquently as us.

Sunday Night Funnies


by Tommy Gimler

Our new DUD series Sunday Night Funnies debuts with five short shots at some of the haps of a wild sports weekend, and it’s awesome, brah. We’ll even go as far to say it’ll be funnier than Schindler’s List, and that’s a fucking guarantee…

Who Are Baseball’s Best Young Players Plowing?

anne v

by Tommy Gimler

One of the negative side effects for MLB players who don’t make the All-Star Game is that they have to travel back home and sleep with their real wives or girlfriends, some of whom still haven’t repaired their goddamn stretch marks after crapping out a couple of kids. But that’s not an issue for these studs. Baseball’s best young players are doing exactly what you would expect them to: plowing hot pieces of ass…

DUD MLB Preview: Washington Nationals

bryce harper

by Tommy Gimler

Now that the Washington Nationals have taken off Stephen Strasburg’s training bra, do they have what it takes to win the World Series in 2013? That’s a clown question, bro. Of course they do.

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