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The DUD NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge: The Best Bracket Wins $100!

Nantz Kellogg

by Tommy Gimler

It’s free, dude. Even these two buffoons can’t figure out why you haven’t signed up yet.

Valparaiso To Win It All? Not So Fast, Dipshit


by Tommy Gimler

As we speak, millions of Americans are filling out their brackets for the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. Instead of listening to Mr. Thurin’s lecture on how Frankiln Roosevelt’s polio actually was a turn on for his wife Eleanor, Billy Mundy is on his iPhone taking in Dick Vitale’s Final Four picks for this year. Somewhere at an insurance office in Des Moines, Francis McMichael and her fractured pelvis are waiting another four minutes while her agent Stan Goodson is trying to comprehend how in the hell Vitale has Michigan getting out of the South.

The DUD Bracket Challenge Is Your Chance To Win $100!

Wisconsin Badgers

by Tommy Gimler

It’s NCAA Tourney time, and that means that beginning Thursday, most of you will be watching college basketball for the first time this year. It also means it’s time for The DUD’s 2nd Annual Free NCAA Bracket Challenge, and this year, we’re doubling the pot to $100 if your bracket is the top dog.

Win $100 In The DUD’s Free NCAA Tourney Bracket Challenge!

Duke Blows

by Tommy Gimler

Who doesn’t like free money? According to Jimmy Fallon in those fucking brutal Capital One commercials, only a communist turd for a baby doesn’t like free money, and I’m pretty sure we don’t have too many of those reading our blog.

Missing Cinderella


by Tommy Gimler

For the first time in four years, I didn’t have to change my shorts once on day one of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Maybe it’s because Busby’s cooks their chicken all the way through, or maybe day one really didn’t produce its usual Cinderella team.

Who You Got?


by Tommy Gimler

The best part about filling out brackets is that nobody, not even you Tommy Thurin, gets every pick correct. So, should you just flip a coin to determine the winners?

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