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16 Fun Facts For Every NCAA Tournament Game On Thursday

asu kid crying

by Tommy Gimler

Taco Bell has their own arena in Boise? Mr. Potato Head’s PR team really dropped the ball on that one.

A Sports Gambling Podcast Pro Is Here To Help You Fill Out The Perfect Bracket

NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 20 Div I Men's Championship - Second Round - Villanova v Iowa

by Tommy Gimler

This is the year you finally beat the autistic kid in your group.

Syracuse Getting To Play In This Year’s NCAA Tournament Is A F**king Joke

jim boeheim

by Tommy Gimler

There are greater tragedies in this world, but not many.

Tips To Make Sure Your March Madness Bracket Doesn’t Get As Busted As Your Mom’s Hump Hole

march madness

by Frank Rhombus

We’ll take a year off of ripping Dick Vitale a new asshole, as he has correctly picked the national champion two years in a row now, and he even had Michigan making the Final Four a year ago. So, who is our new whipping boy this year? You guessed it: that sack of shit Digger Phelps.

Win The Daily Upper Decker’s March Madness Bracket And Your Fat Ass Wins $100!

lehigh cheerleaders

by Tommy Gimler

Hey, it might not be a billion dollars for a perfect bracket, but that’s still enough cash to take your mom out to Arby’s about twelve times.

Goat Head Sent to Wrigley Field, Justin Bieber And Taylor Swift Switch Mugs, And A Broad Wins The DUD Bracket Challenge


by Tommy Gimler

Our latest mailbag is pretty disgusting. I mean, apparently there is a way to make Taylor Swift worse.

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