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Two Great Weekend Clips: Blake Griffin Being A Bitch And The Hockey Fight Of The Year

echl brawl

by Tommy Gimler

“Blake’s pissed and throws the ball off Schröder’s fucking hornet nest.”

Saturday Night Quick Hits


by Tommy Gimler

I’m delirious from being up since 3am, so this might get interesting…

Slow Sunday Night

by Tommy Gimler

After a delicious and inexpensive three-course dinner at T.G.I. Friday’s, my atrocious gas and I decided to call it a day and watch what was left of the Nationals/Phillies game on ESPN.

Semi-Bold Predictions For The NBA Playoffs


by Dave Iacch “The Voice of No Reason,” J.P. “The Big Dipper,” and t.i. “the little dipper”


- The Philadelphia 76ers might as well be called the 69ers because they are going to suck until their playoff run poops in their mouth.
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