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And Here We Have Draymond Green Calling A Female Ref A ‘F**king B*tch’

draymond green bitch

by Tommy Gimler

There are obviously better ways to get a mega shoe deal than kicking other players in their dicks and telling a female ref she’s a “fucking bitch.”

Tom Brady Is An UGG-Wearing Bitch


by Eddie Bagelstein

Like most rational, non-Massholian folks, I hate Tom Brady even more because he wears UGGs. What kind of self respecting three-time Super Bowl champion wears UGGs? Do you see Bradshaw, Montana, or Aikman wearing bear feet?

Playing With Your Dinghy At The Ballpark, That Senile Old Fuck Tim McCarver Calls It Quits, And Crazy Broads With Cats

urinal games

by Tommy Gimler

It’s the middle of the week, and our mailbag is becoming more bloated than Melissa McCarthy. Let’s see what’s on the minds of our readers because it sure as hell isn’t their careers…

And Now It Begins


by Tommy Gimler

OK, class. Quiet down. In yesterday’s lecture, we discussed how soon-to-be former New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez is a prissy little bitch. Today, we’ll breakdown how bat shit crazy another general manager would have to be to take on the $114 million left on his contract over the next five years.

Hi Mom! I’m A Little Bitch.


by Tommy Gimler

Before this season, the only people who liked Alex Rodriguez were Yankees fans, his girlfriend Torrie Wilson, and/or retards. But after his antics this postseason, even they’ve likely jumped ship and/or been wheeled off of it.

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