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Here’s What Bears Fans Are Saying About The Possibility Of Mike Glennon At QB For $15 Million A Year

mike glennon bears

by Tommy Gimler

Suddenly another year of Brian Hoyer at six bucks per game doesn’t seem so fucking bad.

Your Ultimate Bears-Packers Prop Sheet

bears packers

by Tommy Gimler

Let’s be honest. The Bears-Packers game today is each team’s and their fan base’s Super Bowl. After all, odds are whoever wins today is going to suffer a severe ass pounding next week at the hands of 49ers. So, why not make the most of it? Invite your buddies and their fat wives over to your duplex, load up on some Ruffles, Dean’s French Onion Dip, and Pabst Blue Ribbon, and print up this prop sheet to make every part of this game more exciting than finding out your girlfriend once scissored her roommate in her very crazy yet confusing sophomore year of college.

Time To Silence The “Iron Mic”


by Vinny The Book

I want to start off by saying…Mr. Ditka, I respect the crap out of you.  Do not punch me with your 74-year-old Incredible Hulk-like closed fist.  I would crumble…instantly.

Is Brittney Griner a Dude?


by Tommy Gimler

At first glance, the photo of Brittney Griner below is the same as every other picture of women’s basketball. The seats are empty. But does a closer look reveal the real reason behind the Baylor Bears center’s success in the women’s game? Man, does it ever!

So THAT’s why they paid so little…


by Tommy Gimler

The Chicago Bears say they knew exactly what they were getting when they gave up two 3rd round draft picks to get Brandon Marshall. 494 career catches? Check. 34 career TD’s? Check. Punching a woman in her face on her birthday? Check.

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