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An Eagle Going After An Osprey With A Fish Delayed A College Baseball Game Yesterday

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 2.01.30 PM

by Tommy Gimler

Holy priceless collection of fish-eating fucks, Batman!

You Ever Seen A Baseball Player Get To Third Base On A Walk?

milo beam

by Tommy Gimler

No, but I once saw a baseball player get to third base with this girl in the lobby of my college dorm.

This College Baseball Pitcher Might Want To Stop Head-Butting His Catcher Before He Hurts Himself

bryce tucker

by Tommy Gimler

Hey, who knows? Maybe he actually wants to talk with a stutter.

Hawaiian Idiot Chasing After A Baseball Gets Stuck Between Two Walls

baseball mike stuck walls

by Tommy Gimler

The 2018 MLB season doesn’t start until Thursday, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early for bloopers.

No Other Way To Describe Our Latest Podcast Than ‘Shit Your Pants Awesome’

jim nantz masters

by Tommy Gimler

Hello, friends. These DUDcasts are becoming a tradition unlike any other.

Unacceptable Jerseys For True Baseball Fans – Volume 2


by “Dirty” Mike Valley

So Gim goes to this Brewers-Pirates game, and he says he almost blew chunks tailgating at Miller Park because he just parties that fucking hard. But I would assume that he actually got trashed on Listerine at the airport, alone, because no one wanted to pick his mohawkin’ ass up.

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