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The 3 Best Things I Missed In While I Was Overseas In Ireland Last Week

bartolo colon line drive belly

by Tommy Gimler

Bartolo “Big Sexy” Colon taking a line drive to the gunt? Yes, please.

Watch This Mets Fan Try To Out-Sexy Bartolo ‘Big Sexy’ Colon

shirtless mets fan bartolo colon

by Tommy Gimler

Just so we’re clear, pissing in the bushes at the Little League World Series when the line to the john is 40 deep is frowned upon, but this is copacetic. Good to know.

The American League Wins Leader Is Bartolo Colon And That’s Pretty Fucking Sad

Bartolo Colon

by Tommy Gimler

In case you’re not paying attention to the Oakland Athletics, and because they’re the Oakland Athletics we’re assuming you aren’t, the American League leader in wins is Bartolo Colon, a 40-year-old convicted cheater who was a piece of pig shit before he started receiving injections of PEDs.

Studs and DUDs of Week 3


by Tommy Gimler

Another exciting week of major league baseball is in the books, headlined by an amazing celebration at Fenway Park (until the Red Sox took the field), a perfect game, and a 49-year-old pitcher getting a win.

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