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Unless You Too Took A Foul Ball To The Beanbag, Odds Are You Had A Better Night Than Gary Sanchez

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 10.08.25 PM

by Tommy Gimler

If you’ve got an extra pamphlet on adoption lying around the house, feel free to send it to New York Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez.

And Here We Have A CFL Fan Scratching His Balls And Then Smelling His Fingers

winnipeg balls scratcher

by Tommy Gimler

The fuck is wrong with you people?

I Feel Like I Got Kicked By A Mule, And It Hurts

latroy hawkins

by Tommy Gimler

Let’s face it. Watching a grown man take a shot to his pills is hysterical, unless of course you are that grown man.

What the Average American Male Knows About Sports


by Tommy Gimler

Almost two months ago, we learned that the average American girl knows absolutely nothing about sports.

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