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Auburn Fan Pours Beer On Head Thinking His Team Won Then Gets Arrested After Their Stunning Loss

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by Tommy Gimler

Son of a bitch.

Is This The Greatest Stolen Base In Baseball History?

florida auburn stolen base

by Tommy Gimler

Odds are you’ll best recognize Blake Reese and Nick Horvath from the line, “Who in the hell are Blake Reese and Nick Horvath?”

Auburn Fan Has Potential $50,000 Winning Bet, Doesn’t Hedge, Is A Goddamn Idiot

auburn gambling ticket

by Tommy Gimler

There are very few times life serves up a situation where no matter what happens, you’re walking away a winner. Sometimes it’s in the form of a gymnast from your high school telling you she’ll do any position with you except doggy. Fine. Who gives a shit? She’s a gymnast for Christ’s sake.

109 Yards Of Shit Your Pants Awesome


by Tommy Gimler

For the second consecutive week, the Auburn Tigers pulled off a bigger miracle than Lil Wayne winning a Grammy. And this time, it brought an end to their arch rival’s 15-game winning streak and national title hopes.

Are You Smarter Than Morris Claiborne?


by Tommy Gimler

Former LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne is projected to go the Minnesota Vikings with the third overall pick in tomorrow night’s NFL Draft, but odds are that he’ll need help finding Minnesota on a map.

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