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So Antonio Cromartie Might Want To Think About Getting ANOTHER Vasectomy


by Tommy Gimler

And he might want to think about playing until he’s 62 for child support reasons.

Despite Getting A Vasectomy, Antonio Cromartie Is Expecting Twins


by Frank Rhombus

Jesus. Either this guy is 70 percent Latino or his surgery was conducted by Dr. Phil.

A How-To-Stay-Alive-And-Out-Of-Prison Guide For Professional Athletes


by Tommy Gimler

In what is quickly becoming the “norm” for NFL players, another wild and crazy Friday night turned tragic as one member of the Dallas Cowboys is dead and another is behind bars for DUI and intoxication manslaughter. And while the deceased was just a practice squad player, we still care. So much in fact, that we are taking time out of our Saturday afternoon golf game to create a short set of guidelines that, if followed, should lead to a long and prosperous life even after these retards’ playing days have gone the way of disco and Daniel Powter.

The Eagles And Jets Are Basically The Same Shitty Team


by Tommy Gimler

When Michael Vick suffered a concussion in the first half of Sunday’s game against the Cowboys, Eagles fans finally got what they were thinking all along, and that is even with Nick Foles at quarterback, the Eagles are one of the shittiest teams in the NFL. And after the Jets lost by 21 points in Seattle, we found out that when we said Mark Sanchez was one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL, we may have given him too much credit.

Please Put A Foot In Your Mouth

rex ryan

by Tommy Gimler

Is anybody else on board with this? Can we please just exile Rex Ryan to an island shaped like a foot for the rest of his life? I guess Italy looks like a fuck-me boot, and that would be far enough away for me.

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