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Epic Fucking Collapse, Brah

colts comeback

by Frank Rhombus

It’s been over 40 hours, 40 Miller Lites in their sweet ass retro cans, and one bitch of a hangover since the second-largest comeback in NFL postseason history, and the Chiefs epic defeat at the hands of the Colts still stings like a chlamydia-laced piss. Well, or so I’ve heard. And I’m not even a Chiefs fan. I just kind of had money on them…

After The Games Were Played…


by Tommy Gimler

We might have learned more about teams, players, and owners yesterday after the games were/weren’t decided on the field. You’ll be asking yourself how in the hell somebody could be that stupid, but believe it or not, these things actually happened after yesterday’s games:

Back By Popular Demand – The QB Facebook Chat: Part II


special to The DUD from thetop5five

So after all the smack talk these QB’s threw at one another before the game last week, what are QB’s talking about on Facebook after week 5? Check it out!

Yup, Football is Better Than Tits


by Tommy Gimler

It’s late on Sunday night on the east coast, and I have two choices. I can either go into the guest bedroom and toss one off to two mature broads scissoring each other or watch the rest of the Steelers/Broncos game. Looks like the Terrible Towel won’t be cleaning up any mess tonight…

The NFL Shah: Part One


by Kinner Shah

It’s that time of year again, arguably more exciting than the draft—it’s signing time. It’s a time-honored tradition. Who goes where, and for how much. Some teams make out well, while other teams? Dick sandwich. But who really knows how anything will turn out? Here’s just a tickle of what’s gone on so far.

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