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Subpar ESPN Baseball Analyst Alex Rodriguez Is A Great Reminder To Never Have $500K Worth Of Stuff In Your Vehicle

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 9.48.31 PM

by Tommy Gimler

Especially in a city where the word “sidewalk” apparently also means “toilet.”

Ken Griffey Jr. Almost Convinced A-Rod The Mariners Had A Program For Auctioning Off Players’ Jizz


by Tommy Gimler

Based on the amount of drugs he’s taken over the last 20 years, odds are you’d be paying for blanks if A-Rod jerked off in a cup these days.

Sunday Night Mailbag


by Tommy Gimler

Our Sunday night mailbag is quite the diverse sack of comments and questions, ranging from electronic bracelets, a baseball legend, Johnny Football, and ugh, Tim Tebow…

Is Alex Rodriguez Trying To Grow One Of Those “Me Against The World” Goatees?

alex rodriguez goatee

by Tommy Gimler

How disgusting was Alex Rodriguez’s return to the baseball diamond last night? I mean, how did he make it through the entire game without one White Sox fan/felon throwing a battery at him?

Who Is The Bigger Asshole, Alex Rodriguez Or Johnny Manziel?


by Tommy Gimler

Two names are dominating the sports world today, and thank the fuck Christ that neither of them is Tim Tebow.

Ryan Braun Is 9th Least Trustworthy Athlete According To Celebrity Database

Ryan Braun Liar

by Tommy Gimler

According to to an ESPN.com report, Ryan Braun is one of the least trustworthy athletes in America, even less trustworthy than Aaron Hernandez, who is currently awaiting trial in Massachusetts for first-degree murder.

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