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You Couldn’t Possibly Jam Anything Else Up A Cowboys Fan’s Peehole At This Point

dez bryant catch

by Tommy Gimler

Jerry’s World has certainly seen some better days.

If You Were David Ross, Would You Rather Have Had That Dancer Fart Or Queef In Your Face?

david ross

by Tommy Gimler

If Grandpa Ross gets pink eye this week, then I guess we’ll know for sure which hole that came out of.

The ‘Kevin Durant’s Leg Is Dicked And Some NFL Prospect Might Win An Island From Adidas’ DUDCast

kevin durant injury

by Tommy Gimler

Luckily, the Warriors have signed Matt Barnes to fill the void left my KD’s fucked leg. Wait, what?

The Best Of The Daily Upper Decker’s ‘Fact Or Fudge’ Segment

Daily Upper Decker podcast

by Tommy Gimler

It’s the holidays, and most of us here have already checked out and told 2016 to go fuck itself.

Is The New Orleans Baby Cake The New Name Of A Minor League Baseball Club Or An Urban Dictionary Sex Move?


by Tommy Gimler

If you ask me, it sounds like something that would destroy your anus if done too quickly.

Apocalypse Now: The Cubs Are World Champs, The Cowboys Are 7-1 And Donald Trump Is Going To Be President


by Tommy Gimler

Looks like we picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

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