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Aaron Rodgers Decided To Have Fun Today And Dress Up As The Happy Gilmore Orderly

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 4.39.42 PM

by Tommy Gimler

You can trouble me for a warm glass of shut the hell up.

The 5 Best Lines From Yesterday’s Amazing Bleacher Report Article On The Dysfunctional Green Bay Packers


by Tommy Gimler

The NFL’s trendiest storyline in 2019? You guessed it – massages.

Aaron Rodgers Kissed Danica Patrick And Then She Wrecked At The Daytona 500

aaron rodgers danica patrick

by Tommy Gimler

I once again missed the Daytona 500 because I was on the golf course and I prefer right turns, but apparently congratulations are in order for Austin Dillion for winning the sum bitch.

At Least One Packers Fan Is Still Quite Salty About Anthony Barr’s Hit On Aaron Rodgers

packers fan christmas card

by Tommy Gimler

Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers is returning to the playing field today, but that’s still not good enough for one cheesehead.

Greg Jennings’ Transformation From Stud Packers Receiver To Worthless Vikings Turd Is Complete


by Tommy Gimler

It’s official. Greg Jennings has quickly become almost as irrelevant as Right Said Fred…

DUD NFL Preview: NFC North


by Tommy Gimler

Much like the AFC East, the NFC North has one team capable of winning it all and three other squads that pretty much resemble the inside of a cow’s asshole.

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