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2018 NFC West Preview: 49ers Fans Are Dreaming Of A Season Bigger Than Jimmy Garoppolo’s Girl’s Boobs

jimmy g

by Tommy Gimler

Believe it or not, the Rams’ road to the top of the NFC West this year isn’t as easy as bedding Alyssa Milano if you’re a pro baseball player.

49ers Hit Rock Bottom, Send Fans Survey Asking If Winning Is Important To Them

49ers fans

by Tommy Gimler

I believe the kids would call this one of those “SMH” moments.

Look How Much Fun It Is Going To A 49ers Game These Days

49ers Chiefs Bathroom Brawl

by Tommy Gimler

Frank Gore has been a badass on the field for quite some time now, but we’re pretty sure this guy wearing a T-shirt bearing his name in the men’s room at Levi’s Stadium yesterday could kick his fucking ass.

Chronic Complainer Anthony Davis Thinks Green Bay Is A Shithole

anthony davis tweet

by Tommy Gimler

Packers fans looking to keep their fat asses warm today received some fuel for their fires courtesy of this tweet San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis sent out after WWE superstar/sad old man Ric Flair flew into Green Bay (well, Appleton) to give the 49ers a pep talk before Sunday’s NFC Wild Card playoff game:

The DUD Super Bowl Prop Sheet – Win $50, Bro


by Rakesh The Intern

Check it out, bro. I still do unpaid internship at this American sports blog, but my boss say, “Hey, Rakesh. If you can beat every one of our readers on our Super Bowl Prop Sheet, then you get fifty bucks. But whoever get high score, they win fifty bucks.” Since last time I got fifty bucks I had to eat fourteen testicles from elephant with Downs, I say no problem, bro.

Who Has The More Impressive Rap Sheet, Baltimore or San Francisco?

ray lewis mugshot

by Tommy Gimler

From what we’ve read online and watched on television this week, Super Bowl XLVII should be tighter than Lolo Jones’ fish mitten. So before I’m placing any bets on the big game, I’m looking for any edge I can get. I decided that whichever team fights the hardest and does whatever it takes to get what they want despite the consequences that will follow, that’s the team that will be victorious. And to determine which team will do that, I turned to each roster’s arrest records. And let’s just say that if these two teams were to put their arrest records up against each other tomorrow, the game would be more lopsided than Tara Reid’s fake fun bags.

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