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Why Didn’t Florida State Foul With 11 Seconds Left And Down Just 4 Points? Their Head Coach Said The Game Was Over


by Frank Rhombus

If you’ve been reading the DUD on a frequent basis since 2012, it’s no secret that the majority of us here believe a fair share of the games we watch – regardless of the sport – are more fixed than my girlfriend’s purse dog.

Learn How To Crush Your Bookie With Our Latest Podcast Featuring The Sports Gambling Podcast’s Colby Dant

eric musselman

by Tommy Gimler

Just like everything else, college basketball is so much better when you have money on it.

Shoutout To This Crying Cincinnati Fan Who Almost Puked After The Bearcats Blew A 22-Point Lead Against Nevada

cincinnati kid crying

by Tommy Gimler

Luckily, it was just a vurp.

Shut Up, Dude. Everybody’s Bracket Is Busted

umbc virginia

by Frank Rhombus

Show me one guy who took UMBC to curb stomp Virginia, and I’ll show you a fucking liar.

The Only Proper Way To Celebrate Buffalo Knocking Off Arizona Is By Jumping Through A Table

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 10.10.24 AM

by Tommy Gimler

Why wouldn’t you celebrate the biggest bracket buster of the day by busting through a folding table?

16 Fun Facts For Every NCAA Tournament Game On Thursday

asu kid crying

by Tommy Gimler

Taco Bell has their own arena in Boise? Mr. Potato Head’s PR team really dropped the ball on that one.

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