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The DUD’s 2nd Annual Super Bowl Party Was The Perfect Way To Wrap Up The NFL Season


by Tommy Gimler

Women, gambling, booze, beef, and nineteen different chip dips were the perfect distraction from the worst Super Bowl in the last thirteen years for everybody outside of the greater Seattle metro area. The DUD wraps up their 2013-14 NFL season coverage with a few takeaways and of course, pictures with hot broads.

Best Of The DUD 2013: Playing Mad Libs With Richie Incognito’s Voicemail Transcript

mad libs

by Tommy Gimler

The whole “Richie Incognito bullying and calling that pussy Jonathan Martin a half-nigger piece of shit” episode was kind of a big story in 2013. We put a nice little touch on it.

Best Of The DUD 2013: Oklahoma Sooners Wide Receiver Asked A Girl For Pen And Then, Because Asking A Girl For A Pen Is So Goddamn Hot, He Began Masturbating Outside Of Her Apartment

trey metoyer

by Tommy Gimler

The Oklahoma Sooners will take on the Alabama Crimson Tide this Thursday night in the AllState Sugar Bowl. We’ll go out on a limb and say this clown won’t be there…

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouths Are: In Your Mom’s Box

manning brady 2013

by Tommy Gimler

We spent two weeks wasting your time with our predictions for the 2013 NFL season. Unlike the rest of the guys, we’ll own up to our shitty picks, which, compared to everybody else, actually turned out to be not that shitty.

The DUD NFL Midseason Report: AFC

Kansas City Chiefs

by Tommy Gimler

After finishing the 2012 campaign with an NFL-worst 2-14 record, this year’s Kansas City Chiefs are the lone unbeaten team, sitting atop the AFC West with a 9-0 record. If you called that, you’re a fucking liar.

The DUD Hands Out Their MLB Hardware

big papi

by Tommy Gimler

We’ll let Tim Kurkjian calculate who is this year’s National League MVP from his grandma’s basement. But if you’re looking for awards like “Player Who Took Down The Hottest Piece Of Trim,” then you’ve come to the right place.

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