What Are The Best 4/20 Jersey Combos In Sports?

by Tommy Gimler Only we would run this story on 4/21. More »

Australian Man Gets 20 Months In Jail For Stabbing His Friend On A Golf Course

by Tommy Gimler Maybe the word friend has a different meaning in Australia. More »

Here’s A Hell Of A Story About A Naked Avery Johnson Trying To Beat Malik Rose’s Ass In The Spurs Locker Room

by Tommy Gimler Here’s something that Avery Johnson probably didn’t highlight on his resume when he interviewed at the University of Alabama. More »

Instant Karma Strikes Again As Boxer Wearing ‘America 1st’ Trunks With Wall Pattern On Them Gets His Ass Kicked By Mexican Fighter

by Frank Rhombus Do you really want to give a professional boxer another reason to beat your ass? More »


Here Is Exactly How Every American League Team Will Finish In 2018

king felix

by Tommy Gimler

As long as King Felix’s arm doesn’t fall off in June, we think the Mariners might be something this year.

Liquid Shit Pouring Onto The Diamond At Dodger Stadium Is A Great Way To Begin Our MLB Preview Podcast

dodgers shit

by Tommy Gimler

Looks like Larry King forgot to wear his diaper.

Every National League Team’s 2018 Preview In Two Sentences Or Less


by Tommy Gimler

Bad news for Pirates and Padres fans, as your teams blow.

Hawaiian Idiot Chasing After A Baseball Gets Stuck Between Two Walls

baseball mike stuck walls

by Tommy Gimler

The 2018 MLB season doesn’t start until Thursday, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early for bloopers.

Here’s James Worthy Telling Lonzo Ball To ‘Stick It Hard, Baby!’

james worthy lit

by Tommy Gimler

James Worthy might have been Albert Belle drunk last night after the Lakers managed to hold off Memphis.

Why Didn’t Florida State Foul With 11 Seconds Left And Down Just 4 Points? Their Head Coach Said The Game Was Over


by Frank Rhombus

If you’ve been reading the DUD on a frequent basis since 2012, it’s no secret that the majority of us here believe a fair share of the games we watch – regardless of the sport – are more fixed than my girlfriend’s purse dog.

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