Shut Up, Dude. Everybody’s Bracket Is Busted

by Frank Rhombus Show me one guy who took UMBC to curb stomp Virginia, and I’ll show you a fucking liar. More »

The Only Proper Way To Celebrate Buffalo Knocking Off Arizona Is By Jumping Through A Table

by Tommy Gimler Why wouldn’t you celebrate the biggest bracket buster of the day by busting through a folding table? More »

16 Fun Facts For Every NCAA Tournament Game On Thursday

by Tommy Gimler Taco Bell has their own arena in Boise? Mr. Potato Head’s PR team really dropped the ball on that one. More »

The Michigan Athletic Department’s Director Of Performance Had Quite The DUI Last Week

by Tommy Gimler The author of “Game Changer” just had himself one game changer of a drunk driving episode. More »


Just A Russian Weightlifter Bleeding Profusely From His Face Mid-Lift

Mikhail Shivlyakov bloody face

by Tommy Gimler

Totally natural, kids.

Hi, I’m Aldon Smith And I’m A F**king Idiot

Aldon Smith

by Tommy Gimler

Apparently 37 second chances weren’t good enough for Aldon Smith.

You’ll Never See A Crazier Shot To Win A Title Than This One

Julian McGarvey

by Tommy Gimler

“Holy crap!”

NFL Network’s Mike Mayock On Russell Wilson Playing Baseball For The Yankees: ‘F**k That’

russell wilson yankess

by Tommy Gimler

Say what, meow?

Max Scherzer Needed Just 40 Seconds To Strike Out Tim Tebow On Three Pitches

scherzer tebow

by Tommy Gimler

Well, what do you know, Harris? Apparently Jesus Christ can’t hit a curveball.

Great News For Heroin Addict Soccer Fans: Russia Says You Can Bring Your Smack And Other Drugs To The World Cup


by Tommy Gimler

You’ll be so fucked up you won’t even notice them running a virus on your mobile device.

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