The Packers Are A G***amn Train Wreck And This Bears Fan Is LOVING It

by The Dug The Green Bay Packers are a bigger train wreck than Post Malone’s face. More »

Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus: The Packers Finally Fired Mike McCarthy & Here Are The Best Tweets About It

by Tommy Gimler The Green Bay Packers have finally told Mike McCarthy to get the fuck out. More »

Bring In December By Making Bookie Your Bitch With These NFL And College Football Bets, Bro

by Rakesh the Intern Get ready to double up kid’s college fund this weekend, bro! More »


Colby Dant Is A Stud When It Comes To Betting On College Football And He’s Here To Help Make Your Bookie Your Bitch


by Tommy Gimler

Colby Dant’s “Six Pack” went 5-1 last week, so now it’s time to grab a mimosa and your kid’s college fund and listen to this week’s picks.

Attention Degenerates: The Under Has Hit In Every North Texas Game This Year, Bro

flu shot nut kick

by Rakesh the Intern

This is what every bettor who has taken over in North Texas game this year has looked like afterward, bro. Nut shot, bro.

Just A Friendly Reminder To Never Watch The Jets And Then Get Behind The Wheel Of A Car

greyshock jets dui

by Tommy Gimler

Ouch. Tough week for 57-year-old football fans.

This 57-Year-Old Idiot Threw A Hammer At A Texas A&M Student Over A Tailgating Dispute


by Tommy Gimler

Over a 6-4 team that’s just 4-3 in conference play? Yeah, totally worth it.

The 5 Greatest Things We Saw From Week 10 Of The NFL

bills mafia table smash

by Tommy Gimler

The historically pig shit awful year of the kicker continues.

These College Football And Week 10 NFL Bets Should Make Bookie Your Bitch, Bro


by Rakesh the Intern

Making your bookie your bitch starts tonight, bro.

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