Have You Ever Seen A Ref Move Across The Wrestling Mat Like This Fucking Guy?

by Tommy Gimler Off the mat, this guy has to be crushing some major ass. More »

Why Drop $100 On Pay-Per-View When You Can Watch Ozzy Man Review These Two Old Men Go At It For Free?

by Tommy Gimler “There’s a young man who could stop or referee the fight, but he decides to give zero fucks.” More »

ESPN Hot Mic Picks Up Tommy Tuberville Saying ‘Thank You, Dickhead’

by Tommy Gimler “I don’t even take a dump by myself.” More »

Check Out This Bills Mafia Streaker And Tennessee State Player Who Punched His Own Coach

by Tommy Gimler There were zero reports of Bills Mafia members humping on the hood of a Toyota Corolla Sunday afternoon, but there was at least one pecker sighting. More »

So This Martellus Bennett Guy Can Eat A Dick, Right?

by Tommy Gimler Well, the Green Bay Packers should have no problem getting the majority of Martellus Bennett’s signing bonus back now. More »


Um, What If You Would Have Lost?

carlos correa proposal

by Tommy Gimler

And hell, what if she would have said no?

If You’re Going To Bring A Glove To A Baseball Game Then Catch The Damn Ball, Nerd

joc pederson home run

by Tommy Gimler

Man, the left field bleachers at Dodger Stadium sure looked like quite the sausage fest Tuesday night.

Wisconsin Man Locked In Kwik Trip Beer Cooler Gets Arrested For Not Paying For The Beer He Drank

kwik trip beer cooler

by Tommy Gimler

This guy is only 38? Jesus. Somebody might want to check the radiation levels at his house.

Three Interesting Pictures From This Week In Sports

yuri gurriel

by Frank Rhombus

Yes, Yuli Gurriel, we get it. The pitcher you hit a home run off of was Asian.

South Carolina And Wisconsin Fans Get Ejected From College Football Games The Most

badgers fans

by Tommy Gimler

And our guess is that 95 percent of those ejections involved flasks and barfing.

49ers Hit Rock Bottom, Send Fans Survey Asking If Winning Is Important To Them

49ers fans

by Tommy Gimler

I believe the kids would call this one of those “SMH” moments.

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