An Absolute Pile Of Shit Cavs Fan Literally Ate Shit At Their Championship Parade

by Frank Rhombus This is why we can’t have nice things. More »

Is This The Name Of A Minor League Baseball Team Or An Urban Dictionary Sex Move?

by Tommy Gimler Odds are you won’t find the Sheboygan Mudplows winning a Double-A baseball game anytime soon. More »

The Home Plate Umpire In The A’s-Angels Game Took A Bat To His Dome Last Night

by Tommy Gimler That’s going to leave a mark. Immediately, in fact. More »


PFWA Forgets ESPN’s Chris Mortensen Falsely Reported Deflategate, Still Gives Him Dick McCann Award

chris mortensen lies

by Tommy Gimler

Who knows? Maybe the Professional Football Writers of America are being sarcastic this year.

Stephen A. Smith Proves He’s The Ultimate Turd By Going 0-6 With His NBA Finals Predictions Since 2011

stephen a smith chip kelly racist

by Frank Rhombus

Going 0-6 in predicting the NBA champion once the teams are narrowed down to just two frankly seems like something that is utterly preposterous, especially when you’re supposed to step up and be a reliable source of Association knowledge because your network considers you to be an expert.

Check Out This ‘Tribute’ Terry Francona Put Up On The Indians’ Scoreboard For Rays Manager Kevin Cash

kevin cash indians scoreboard

by Tommy Gimler

Wait, so you’re telling me there once was a player who was worse than Melvin Upton Jr.?

The Players Of Game 7 Of The NBA Finals And Their Game Of Thrones Counterparts


by Tommy Gimler

Since Game of Thrones and the NBA Finals – both wonderfully scripted shows at times – will be invading most of your living rooms tonight, we thought we’d have a little fun and match up some of Game 7′s players with their GoT counterparts.

Our Latest Podcast Is All About The Nut Shots

lebron-james-draymond-green nut shot

by Tommy Gimler

You don’t hit people in the balls, you asshole.

What Should They Name The New Las Vegas NHL Team?

las vegas nhl team

by Frank Rhombus

Las Vegas is getting an NHL franchise, kids. That means you can add another item to the list of things you’ll miss out on while you’re busy getting fucked over by an Asian dealer at the blackjack table.

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