The Juice Is Apparently Still Loose And Ready To ‘Cut You’ If You Have A Parody Account Of Him On Twitter

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by Frank Rhombus

“Is that what you said to Nicole?”

Absolute Loser Orioles Fan Doesn’t Give Kids Foul Ball Because He’s Been Waiting 30 Years To Get One

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by Tommy Gimler

Looks like he’s been waiting even longer than that to get some pussy.

The Name ‘Giannis’ For American Newborns Is Up 662 Percent Since 2016


by Tommy Gimler

Also, parents who immediately knew they birthed a loser dished out the name “Kyrie” quite a bit.

Guess What Happened When A 51-Year-Old Man Decided To Do Push-Ups In The Middle Of The Road


by Tommy Gimler

Forget 51. I mean, how in the hell did this guy make it past 30?

Sometimes You Run An Ad About Winning The Stanley Cup Before You Actually Do It And Jinx The Hell Out Of Your Team


by Tommy Gimler

Somebody might need to tell the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that you have to win four games to bring home Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Saturday Was Not Brett Gardner’s Best Day

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by Tommy Gimler

In the face. IN THE FACE!

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