Jeremy Jeffress Pissed Himself This Morning

by Frank Rhombus I mean, I get why he felt the need to drive home after hitting the Henny hard, as there are only a few thousand Uber drivers in the greater Dallas area. More »

Breaking A Dude’s Nose Because Your Domino’s Pizza Is Taking Too Long Seems Totally Logical

by Tommy Gimler Jesus. Imagine what he would have done if they would have skimped on the pepperoni. More »

Mexican League Pitcher Flips Off The Batter Just Before Striking Him Out

by Tommy Gimler Geez, with all of the TVs and electronics being made by children in Mexico, you’d think we’d be able to see this clip in HD. More »

The Funniest NFL Roundup You Will Ever Hear

by Frank Rhombus I mean, where else are you going to hear somebody sum up being a Los Angeles Rams fan by saying, “Being a Rams fan is great. Jared Goff has the body of somebody who peaked in high school?” More »

By Far The Most Unbelievable Ending To A Horse Race We Have Ever Seen

by Frank Rhombus Watch this video and then take a guess which one of these nags is probably on a train headed for the Elmer’s factory right now. More »


And Here We Have A Cubs Fan Getting Jerked Off During A Win Against The Brewers

cubs fan hand job

by Tommy Gimler

What an exciting year it’s been for the Chicago Cubs!

And Here We Have A Professional Race Walker Shitting Himself At The Olympics

yohann-diniz poop

by Frank Rhombus

Hey, hindsight is 20/20, but a few minutes inside that Andy Gump Porta Potty stationed at mile eight seems like it would have been a pretty good idea, pal.

There’s Nothing Quite Like A Compilation Of Crazy Eagles Fans To Help Get You Ready For Some Football

crazy eagles fans

by Tommy Gimler

Eagles fans might boo Santa Claus, cheer when an opposing team’s player is lying unconscious on the field and tell your 11-year-old kid to go fuck himself, but at least they’re not going to shank you in the parking lot after their team gets smoked like those Cowboys fans.

Everything Cleared The Bar For This Japanese Pole Vaulter Except His Dick

ogita penis pole vault

by Frank Rhombus

That’s weird. I would have expected something like this from the Armenian team given the average size of their hogs, but definitely not from this guy.

This British Hottie Thinks She Can Run The 100m Dash In Seven Seconds

woman thinks she can run fast 100m dash

by Tommy Gimler

I’m telling you, it’s almost as funny as Rickie Weeks thinking he could play Major League Baseball.

Cubs Fire Second String DJ After The Douche Plays ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ As Aroldis Chapman Leaves The Mound


by Tommy Gimler

I mean, what’s next, using “Two Pina Coladas” for Shin-Soo Choo’s walk-up music? Playing “Rock You Like A Hurricane” during Saints pregame drills a week or two after the next time New Orleans gets ravaged by a hurricane?

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