Lettuce Head, ‘Obama’ Bin Laden & A Three-Run Walk-Off Wild Pitch

by Tommy Gimler The internet is caked full of must-see videos right now, and surprisingly, none of them involve two broads who hate their fathers scissoring each other in their dorm room. More »

Brooks Koepka Won The PGA Championship Yesterday, But Was Tiger Woods The Real Winner?

by Tommy Gimler Sometimes the internet is actually a beautiful thing. More »

Somebody Photoshopped A Porn Star As A Little Leaguer’s Favorite Actor & The Internet Fell For It

by Tommy Gimler The kid really isn’t a savage, but the dickhead who decided to include an innocent child in his smut prank sure is. More »

Not Even YouTube’s Closed Captioning System Can Understand What The Hell LSU’s Ed Orgeron Is Saying

by Tommy Gimler Just listening to LSU head coach Ed Orgeron during a press conference, one would be inclined to think that Bobby Boucher and Four Leaf Tayback somehow had a child together. More »

3 Possible Reasons Why Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease Is All Of A Sudden A Thing For MLB Players

by Tommy Gimler For his sake, let’s hope the first thing J.A. Happ didn’t do when he got to New York was jerk off. More »


This Whole ‘Digging Up An Athlete’s Tweets When He Was An Ignorant Child’ Thing Needs To Stop Right Now

sean newcomb

by Frank Rhombus

And if you’re a sports agent, your only job this week is to have the hot intern in the office sift through every one of your clients’ tweets.

Carlos Gomez Pitches Just Like He Hits: Terribly

carlos gomez sucks

by Tommy Gimler

It could be much worse for Brewers fans than adding Mike Moustakas to the squad in exchange for a five-tool future stud. I mean, this clown could still be on your team.

SportsCenter Anchor Nicole Briscoe Dropped An F-Bomb On Live TV Today


by Tommy Gimler

Finally an accurate report from an anchor or reporter at the four-letter.

The Brewers Just Got Absolutely Dicked By The Royals: A Mike Moustakas Story


by Tommy Gimler

Two months of a .250 hitter in exchange for a five-tool future stud and a Puerto Rican kid? Fuck me.

Here’s Gary Sanchez’s Fat Ass Costing The Yankees Another Game


by Tommy Gimler

The New York Yankees lost a game to the Tampa Bay Rays Monday night, my seventh consecutive defeat in the four-letter’s Streak For Cash game.

Noah Syndergaard Heading To The DL With Hand, Foot And Mouth Disease That He Likely Got Working At A Kids Camp


by Tommy Gimler

There are kicks in the dick, and then there’s this.

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