Army-Navy Game Is Perfect Start To Weekend Of Making Bookie Your Bitch, Bro

by Rakesh the Intern I’m telling you, bro. Do not sleep on this Packers team from Green Bay either, bro. More »

It’s Official: Draymond Green Is Just A ‘Careless’ Asshole

by Tommy Gimler Unless, of course, Draymond Green can come up with a way to refute science. More »

This PGA Golfer Looks Like An Ass Clown When He Putts But It Goes In

by Tommy Gimler Congrats to Bryson DeChambeau! We now know you exist. More »

How About This Packers Fan Who Was Arrested After Trying To Run From A $475 Cab Fare?

by Frank Rhombus By the looks of things, the cabbie probably should have asked for the cash upfront. More »

Boy, Colin Kaepernick Was A Real Bag Of Shit Yesterday

by Frank Rhombus When fellow bag o’turds Blaine Gabbert completes four times as many passes as you despite playing just one-fourth of the time you did, well, then it’s official: You’re fucking garbage. More »


Is This Somebody Who’s On The Detroit Lions Or A Serial Killer Or Some Dude Who Was Executed?


by Tommy Gimler

The craziest part about the Detroit Lions being in control of the NFC North this year is the fact that nobody knows who’s on this fucking team.

We Make Bookie Our Bitch Last Week. Now We Go After His Family With These NCAA Football And NFL Bets


by Rakesh the Intern

I’m telling you, bro. We were hotter last week than two American girlies rubbing their vaginas together on hood of my El Camino, my friend.

Bloomberg Report Suggests College Football Refs Are Slanting Calls To Help Each Conference’s Best Hope For The College Football Playoff


by Frank Rhombus

We catch a lot of shit here at the DUD for suggesting that more than a fair share of the sporting events millions of Americans waste so much of their emotions, time and money on are fixed for financial reasons. I mean, there’s a reason why Vegas has been making us their bitch since, well, forever.

Look How Much Fun They Had At The 49ers-Dolphins Game


by Tommy Gimler

“I’ve got three kids up here, you fucking assholes!”

Ain’t That Some Shit When You Dribble Out The Final Seconds Of A Basketball Game Because You Thought You Were Winning But You Were Actually Losing?


by Tommy Gimler

Nobody has ever accused the kids at Bryant University of being smarter than the kids at Brown, but that was ridiculously obvious on the hardwood Monday night.

Add Khalil Mack To The List Of Guys Who Can Plow My Sister


by Tommy Gimler

Show me a better defensive player in the NFL right now, and I’ll show you a fucking liar.

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