Is It Me Or Is Michael Bennett One Giant Bag Of Shit?

by Frank Rhombus If you’re still looking to get either of the Bennett brothers a Christmas gift for some reason, a mesh bag of dicks seems appropriate this year. More »

Taking Chargers -6 Is Perfect Game To Make Bookie Your Bitch, Bro

by Rakesh the Intern Listen, bro. Sorry you lose house and maybe wife last week on shit from pig gambling advice from Rakesh, but this is week we not only get house back but also wife’s sister, bro. More »

What A Ride: Baker Mayfield Has Gone From Getting Arrested To Suspended To AP Player Of The Year In Less Than 22 Months

by Tommy Gimler Grabbing his balls and telling the Kansas sideline to go fuck themselves was by far our favorite Baker Mayfield moment. More »


Win Big Cash For Hooker Or For Wife’s Christmas Present With These College And NFL Picks


by Rakesh the Intern

Or best case scenario, wife tells you to buy hooker for you two to share, bro.

Just Lovely: Austin Rivers Tells Fan ‘I’m Gonna Slap The Shit Out Of You, Shut The Fuck Up’

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 3.03.03 PM

by Tommy Gimler

I’d actually pay to see that.

Giants President/Co-Owner John Mara Briefly Had Quite The Addition To His Wikipedia Page Today

big blue shame on you

by Tommy Gimler

If you see a New York Giants fan today, give him or her a hug. Well, unless you’re Matt Lauer. You probably shouldn’t touch anybody right now.

This Might Be The Dumbest Yet Most Entertaining Sport We Have Ever Seen

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 11.42.06 AM

by Tommy Gimler

If it came down to having to watch the Browns play the Bengals for 60 minutes or six barefoot idiots in tight rubber onesies trying to climb ice stairs for a chance at ten bucks, what the hell, sign me up for the gay Asian porn.

We Somehow Missed This Louisville Player Air Jerking It

ronald walker louisville

by Tommy Gimler

There’s beating an opponent and then beating off toward an opponent. Big difference, kids.

Which Is Crazier, Alabama Playing Hoops With Just 3 Guys Or This Teacher Doing Coke In The Classroom?

alabama three players

by Tommy Gimler

If you thought taking four massive shits before noon on Friday was nuts, wait until you see this.

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