2015 AL Central Preview

by Tommy Gimler The Kansas City Royals damn near found a way to win the World Series last year despite manager Ned Yost’s best efforts to deliver their fans a big dick sandwich in the AL Wild Card Game. But if some Royals fans actually wanted a dick sandwich from More »

The Media Has A Massive Final Four Coaching Boner

by Andy Ostroff The national media has the biggest boner right now for the coaches of the four Final Four teams. They are gushing over the fact that there are 25 Final Four appearances between the coaches. More »

2015 AL East Preview

by Tommy Gimler The Tampa Bay Rays are going to be pure dog shit this year, and that means both of their fans are in for a long summer. More »

Here’s An NBA Ref Checking Out A Sideline Reporter’s Poop Chute

by Tommy Gimler I don’t usually do this, but I felt compelled to tell you something. You have … an absolutely … breathtaking … heinie. I mean, that thing is good. I wanna be friends with it. More »

If You Had Duke -5 Last Night, You Probably Still Have A Boner Today

by Frank Rhombus And if you had Utah, you might need one of those little yellow guys to see some movement below the belt. More »


Here’s How You Should Bet Tonight’s Games, Bro


by Rakesh the Intern

Hello from Howrah, bro! I had to take rickshaw to next town over to find computer that works, my friend. Luckily, the guy pulling my shit was my cousin Mahesh, so I got 20 percent discount, and it only cost me like 16 Rupee, bro.

Timofey Mozgov Just Gave Us The Best TV Commercial Of All Time

timofey mozgov tv commercial

by Tommy Gimler

Well, except for the Carl’s Jr. one where Charlotte McKinney is walking around in next to nothing. You would know whether or not you’ve seen it because if you did, you would remember how it wrecked your drawers.

Were The Seeds Completely Fucked In The East This Year Or What?


by Andy Ostroff

Can’t wait for that highly anticipated Elite 8 matchup of #7 Michigan State vs. #8 NC State? There’s a huge possibility that will happen.

Miami Dolphins Beat Writer Adam Beasley Tweets Out Link To Casting Couch Video

adam beasley casting couch

by Tommy Gimler

Hey, at least it wasn’t a link to a Google search of guys sucking off other guys who look like Cameron Wake. Then things would have gotten really awkward.

This Michael Bush Reaction Was The Only Good Thing To Come Out Of The NFL Veteran Combine

michael bush

by Frank Rhombus

It’s official: The NFL Veteran Combine was sadder than watching a goose try to walk after one of its legs gets smoked by a Titleist.

NC State To The President After Knocking Off Villanova: ‘Fuck Obama’

nc state fuck obama

by Tommy Gimler

You can’t fault Barack Obama for thinking Villanova was going to advance past the first weekend of this year’s NCAA Tournament. After all, since 2005, all but four #1′s had made it to the Sweet Sixteen.

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