Was Chris Mortensen’s Shitty DeflateGate Source Really A Former Jets Employee?

by Tommy Gimler At this point, it seems as though the four-letter has almost as much journalistic integrity as Kathie Lee Gifford’s bush. More »

It Takes A Special Kind Of Asshole To Puke Over The Railing At Fenway Before The Game Even Starts

by Tommy Gimler It’s no secret that the Boston Red Sox have been pure dog shit this year, so if this hurl sesh would have taken place midway through last night’s 9-2 curb stomping at the hands of the Chicago White Sox, then we totally would have understood. More »

Former NBA Center/Alcoholic Vin Baker Is Working At Starbucks

by Frank Rhombus Careful, Vinny. Those Java Chip Frappuccinos can also be quite addicting. More »

You Ain’t Shit This Summer Unless You Have A Video Of Yourself Whipping And Nae Naeing

by Andy Ostroff It looks like videos of Shaq and J.J. Watt doing the Whip/Nae Nae that have gone viral, and even daughters of pro athletes like Leah Still have challenged others like Riley Curry to see who can do the dance better. Apparently, we have found this year’s ice More »


Watch Paul Felder Get Kicked In The Dick Harder Than Chris Brown Hits Women

paul felder nut shot

by Frank Rhombus

I don’t want to hear how you stubbed your big toe on the way to the shitter this morning. And I don’t want to hear how you have the bitch of all headaches after a night of crushing PBRs and shots of Evan Williams.

This Japanese Baseball Player Is Nothing More Than A Gigantic Waste Of Time


by Andy Ostroff

Have you seen this Japanese douchebag high schooler and his pre-at-bat theatrics?

Some Skank Took A Picture Of Odell Beckham Jr. Eating Her Out And Of Course It Found Its Way Onto Twitter

odell beckham

by Frank Rhombus

Jesus Christ. If her thighs are that big from that camera angle, then how gigantic are those fuckers for realz?

Robert Allenby Fired His Caddy Mid-Round Today

robert allenby fires caddy

by Frank Rhombus

It has been one pig shit awful year for Robert Allenby.

Here’s Jeff Bagwell Grabbing What Looks Like A Fantastic Tit At Last Night’s Astros Game

jeff bagwell grabbed his wife's tits at astros game

by Tommy Gimler

Astros fans are pretty happy these days now that their beloved team no longer sucks balls, but perhaps nobody is happier than former Astros stud Jeff Bagwell.

Who Goes To A Rainout In Southern California?

helicopter dries Angels Stadium field

by Andy Ostroff

On July 19, 2015, I was lucky enough to go to Anaheim, California to witness Tropical Storm Dolores cancel a professional baseball game in Southern California for the first time in forever.

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