Trying To Carjack Three New Mexico Football Players Probably Wasn’t The Best Idea

by Tommy Gimler Hey, at least now a prospective employer probably won’t even notice those neck tats. More »

Here’s Giants WR/Absolute Moron Odell Beckham Jr. Staring At The Eclipse Without Glasses

by Tommy Gimler Just another friendly reminder that Odell Beckham attended but did not graduate from LSU. More »

Um, Nice Catch

by Tommy Gimler I was honored to be a guest at the MLB Little League Classic at historic Bowman Field Sunday night. It was awesome. More »

Josh Holsey Has A Special Message For His High School English Teacher

by Tommy Gimler His punctuation might suck balls, but the point of his message is still very clear. More »

The Man With The Largest Pecker In The World Lives In…Appleton, Wisconsin?

by Tommy Gimler Forget Dodgeball. Here’s a true underdog story. More »


Guy Throws First Pitch At Red Sox Game And Drills A Cameraman Right In The Cock And Balls

jordan leandre first pitch

by Tommy Gimler

Im-pecker-able aim, buddy.

Video From ESPN’s Fantasy Football Marathon Or A Slave Auction In 1825? You Make The Call

espn slave auction

by Frank Rhombus

Have things gotten so bad at the four-letter that they’re finally “selling off” their talent?

Giancarlo Stanton Can Plow My Sister

stanton home runs

by Tommy Gimler

It’s official: Giancarlo Stanton is hotter than Kate Upton scissoring Charlotte McKinney on a bed made solely of baby seal skins.

Whole Lotta Ass Slapping Going Down At The PGA Championship

justin thomas pga

by Tommy Gimler

Congrats to Justin Thomas on winning his first major at the PGA Championship Sunday afternoon and in doing so, setting off a barrage of ass slapping.

Here’s Something You Don’t Want To See After Betting $50 With Your Pal That The Nationals Will Make It To The World Series

bryce harper knee

by Tommy Gimler

Well, shit.

Tommy’s Top Three Stories For The Weekend

wisconsin state fair sex

by Tommy Gimler

I guess we can create a new definition on Urban Dictionary for “Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puff.”

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