Jameis Winston Can Now See Street Signs Thanks To LASIK, Which Will Hopefully Also Help Him See Receivers On His Own Team

jameis winston speech

by Tommy Gimler

If you’re the Buccaneers, I mean, where the fuck was this surgery two years ago?

The Blackjack Table Might Look A Little Different When Casinos Open Up

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by Frank Rhombus

Hit me. What? I said hit me. What? Fuck it. I’m going to bet on the ponies.

You Wanna Get Nuts?!?! Here’s What Alex Smith’s Leg Looked Like After Surgery

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by Tommy Gimler

Have a good look. Get it over with, and we’ll continue.

Dennis Rodman And Carmen Electra Humped All Over The Bulls Practice Facility

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by Tommy Gimler

And you think sterilizing everything now is important?

Forget Mel Kiper – The Only Video You Need To See Before Tonight’s NFL Draft Is Right Here

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by Tommy Gimler

Will the Dolphins put together the “mother of all trades” to get the number one pick in tonight’s NFL Draft?

Frank Caliendo Back Again To Save The Day With These Amazing Jim Nance And Tony Romo Impressions

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by Tommy Gimler

A forklift driver falls asleep on the job. What could possibly go wrong?

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