Is This Fat Fuck Really The Best Guy Chevrolet Could Find To Present The World Series MVP Award?

by Frank Rhombus It looks like Rikk Wilde has just a tad more trouble with public speaking than he does finding the best buffet in town. More »

Lock And Load: The DUD’s Can’t Miss NBA Over/Under Bets

by Barry Murphy BUFFALO BILL’S CASINO, PRIMM, NV – It’s NBA Over/Under time, my friends. Now, you may be thinking, why are you at Buffalo Bill’s, Murf?  Timing.  Vegas is all about get in and get out.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized a simple fact… don’t be in that More »

7 Things We Know After Week 8 Of The NFL

by Tommy Gimler Just when everybody started sucking the Cowboys’ dick(s), they turned around and took a massive shit in everybody’s mouth(s). More »

Eddie Bagelstein’s Top 5 Pre-2000 Video Game Athletes

by Eddie Bagelstein With all this talk about how Clash of Clans nearly derailed the Royals this season and me recalling all the video games that had so successfully derailed me, I got an overwhelming sense of nostalgia for a simpler time, before my wife made me choose between her More »

In Defense of Clash of Clans

by Eddie Bagelstein Back in July, the Kansas City Royals were mired in a midseason funk. Among other issues, like having Ned Yost as a manager, the game “Clash of Clans” was taking much of the heat. More »


Brian Urlacher Says The Only Elite Thing About Jay Cutler Is His Salary


by Frank Rhombus

Big words from a guy who made his living jumping on the pile after the opposing player was already tackled.

Smoking Hot ESPN Reporter Damn Near Gets Smoked By Band


by Tommy Gimler

Odds are you didn’t catch last night’s college football game between UL-Lafayette and Arkansas State, and it’s probably because it was UL-Lafayette playing against Arkansas State. Besides the over damn near coming in before the first half ended, you also missed this smoking hottie sideline reporter almost getting run over by the Lafayette band.

Eddie Bagelstein’s Top Five Royals Of All Time


by Eddie Bagelstein

The Royals have been so bad for so long that a lot of people forgot Kansas City still had a baseball team. It’s been 29 years since the Royals’ last trip to the World Series. Christ, Whitney Houston had the top song in America the last time this team won the whole fucking thing, and she’s dead now.

7 Things We Know After Week 7 Of The NFL

Kansas City Chiefs v San Diego Chargers

by Tommy Gimler

The Carolina Panthers are the top dog in the NFC South, and they’re fucking terrible.

Eddie Bagelstein’s Top Five Reasons The Broncos Are America’s Top Team


by Eddie Bagelstein

As a hardened journalist, it’s important for me to be fair and unbiased. Just because I’m a lifelong Broncos fan doesn’t mean I’m going to post lies and propaganda in the hopes of having more people like my team… no, I take that back; I would if it meant more money for free agents, which it probably does.

College GameDay Signs Were Fucking Hysterical Today

ESPN College GameDay Signs

by Frank Rhombus

The Notre Dame-Florida State game tonight was just a like a set of big fake tits: awesome. And because it was the game of the week, ESPN’s College GameDay crew traveled to Tallahassee, which meant thousands of fans put their creativity and twisted minds on display through some of the funniest signs we’ve seen so far.

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