Josh McDickhead: The Most Hated Patriot of All

by Adam Pockross Five years later, Josh McDaniels still makes the Broncos look bad. And because of it, we have scary-ass Earl Thomas mad at us. More »

There Was Porn In The Background Of Tonight’s Predators-Blues Game

by Tommy Gimler Who lives in Nashville and enjoys watching fucking hockey? Apparently, we’re not the only ones who think the answer is nobody because the crew over at Fox Sports Tennessee decided to play some porn in the background of their broadcast of the Predators-Blues game tonight and thought More »

This Lou Holtz and Rich Gang Vine Is The Funniest Thing We’ve Seen Since ‘Philadelphia’

by Frank Rhombus Lou Holtz can’t talk. He sounds like fucking Walt Jr. from Breaking Bad when he attempts to utter actual words, but that’s OK because words cannot describe how funny this Vine featuring Rich Gang’s “Lifestyle” jam mashed up with Holtz attempting to speak the English language. More »

Super Bowl 49 Hookers Are Already Hitting The Streets Of Phoenix And It’s Only Tuesday

by Tommy Gimler Hey, maybe it’s just good business to hit ‘em up and offer a face for them to blow their wad on before they blow it on tickets to the big game instead. More »

Check Out These Maine Hockey Fans And Their ‘Penis Into The Other Team’s Mascot’s Mouth’ Sign

by Tommy Gimler The University of Maine hosted the University of New Hampshire for some men’s hockey action Friday night. Normally, that sentence would warrant the follow-up sentence of “Who gives a shit?” But thanks to what is perhaps the funniest sign we’ve ever seen at a sporting event, it’s worth talking about. More »


This Is The Best The NHL Could Come Up With For Their All-Star Game Uniforms?

nhl all star game jerseys suck

by Tommy Gimler

Did a shipment of uniforms bound for the Snowmobile SnoCross at this year’s Winter X Games in Aspen accidentally get dropped off in Columbus for the NHL All-Star Game or is the same dipshit at Nike in charge of Oregon’s uniforms let someone at the NHL fuck his wife for the honor to put these pieces of dog shit on display? Either way, puke.

I Object To People Objecting To Female Tennis Players Being Objectified


by Eddie Bagelstien

The world is way too full of people who make the world less fun. You know the type: the ‘ol stick in the mud. And I’m not talking about butt sex.

The Seahawks Are Threatening My Marriage

seahawks nfc championship win

by Adam Pockross

I’m a Broncos fan. Always have been, as far as I can recall. Having grown up on the mean streets of Denver, I really don’t feel like I had a choice in that matter. Well, unincorporated Arapahoe County if you wannna be specific. But still, all John Elway, all the time.

Good Luck With That New Offensive Coordinator, Baltimore


special to the DUD from The Dug

In a week full of good news for Chicago Bears fans, word that Marc Trestman was hired as the Baltimore Ravens new OC is right at the top for me.

Why Was Clay Matthews Not On The Field Late In The Fourth Quarter Of The NFC Championship Game?

clay matthews nfc championship

by Tommy Gimler

Fuck Morgan Burnett sliding to the ground after intercepting a Russell Wilson pass with just over five minutes left in regulation. Fuck Brandon Bostick attempting to corral the onside kick with just over two minutes left in regulation instead of doing what he was supposed to do: block. Fuck the refs “missing” Marshawn Lynch grabbing his shit after scoring the go-ahead touchdown and not penalizing him 15 yards. If Packers fans are looking for more fuel to add to the conspiracy fire that was the epic Green Bay collapse Sunday afternoon, check this out.

Check Out This Hooker’s Menu Some Guy Posted On Reddit

crackhouse menu

by Tommy Gimler

No need to wear a condom, hey? Look, if Crystal is only charging twelve bucks for anal, you might want to make sure you’re wearing two of them.

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