When Transporting 156.9 Pounds Of Weed Goes Horribly Wrong At The Mexican Border

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by Tommy Gimler

I guess sometimes making $29 million playing in the NFL isn’t quite enough.

Another Day, Another Titillating Muay Thai Highlight

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by Tommy Gimler

Four days ago, I had never heard of the sport they call Muay Thai.

And The Betting Total For Astros Batters Getting Plunked This Year Is…

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by Tommy Gimler

Let’s just say the total is higher than the number of years Jack Nicholson has spent on this planet but not even close to the number of ladies he has plowed.

The Craziest Sports Clip Of The Weekend Comes From…Thailand?

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by Tommy Gimler

Nī̀ mạn yxd yeī̀ym māk!

Probably The Greatest Highlight To Come Out Of The XFL So Far

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by Tommy Gimler

Beer snake of the century.

Not The Best Way For Blue Jays Catcher Reese McGuire To Introduce Himself To The World

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by Tommy Gimler

In some parts of Florida, you can punch your clown behind a locked door at an Econo Lodge for as little as 43 bucks.

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