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Odds Are You’re Having A Better Memorial Day Weekend Than Tiger Woods

tiger woods dui

by Tommy Gimler

Oh, Eldrick.

You’ll Never See A Golfer More Pissed At Himself Than Matt Kuchar Was After This Terrible Shot

matt kuchar donkey

by Tommy Gimler

Good Christ! Earmuffs time for the kids.

Tough Break When You Tee Off On 18 At Sawgrass And Your Ball Strikes And Kills A Duck

ryan gray golfer duck

by Tommy Gimler

Noooooo. He has to play the ball as it lies. I had to hit it off Frankenstein’s fat foot, remember? Those are the rules.

HardAgain Sounds Like The Perfect Masters Sponsor

hardagain masters

by Tommy Gimler

It’s the power enhancement you need for your #1 club.

Phil Mickelson’s Voicemail About Taking Charley Hoffman For ‘Some Serious Cash’ Makes Me Like Phil Even More

phil mickelson voicemail

by Tommy Gimler

Jesus. If you told me this guy gambles with his wife on the over/under of how long it will take him to complete a bowel movement, I’d have no choice but to believe you.

Golfer Nails 101-Yard Shot To Force Playoff And Eventually Win Tournament

Ethan Tracy eagle playoff

by Tommy Gimler

Odds are you best recognize Ethan Tracy from the phrase, “Who in the hell is Ethan Tracy?”

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