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If You’re Going To France, Remember, This Is How You Say Hello

olympics france ass slap

by Tommy Gimler

Let’s hope three ladies from France capture the gold, silver and bronze medals in one event at the PyeongChang Olympics because if our calculations are correct, it’ll turn into a giant lesbian orgy.

New Mets Manager Mickey Callaway Feels Very Strongly About Not Dry Humping His Guys

mickey callaway

by Tommy Gimler

Maybe going straight for the balloon knot on the first date instead of fucking around with that over the clothes bullshit is what Matt Harvey needs to get back on track.

Here’s The Perfect Valentine’s Day Card For That Football Lover In Your Life

tom brady valentine

by Tommy Gimler

Well, at least it beats the Darren Sharper one in which you’re apologizing for the rape.

Making $44 Million Playing Baseball Wasn’t Enough To Keep Esteban Loaiza From Slinging Cocaine

esteban loaiza

by Frank Rhombus

In this world, there are fucking morons and then there’s Esteban Loaiza.

Two Great Weekend Clips: Blake Griffin Being A Bitch And The Hockey Fight Of The Year

echl brawl

by Tommy Gimler

“Blake’s pissed and throws the ball off Schröder’s fucking hornet nest.”

Behold The Most Unfortunate Name At The Winter Olympics

semen pavlichenko

by Tommy Gimler

Only in this guy’s wet dreams will he be standing on the podium.

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