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Former NFL Fullback Tony Richardson Can’t Spell ‘Jets’

tony richardson spelling

by Tommy Gimler

Tony Richardson was one of the greatest fullbacks in NFL history, and since he was the 2011 Byron “Whizzer” White NFL Man of the Year Award winner, he must be one hell of a gentleman.

After The Predators Won Their FIRST ROUND Series, These Dipshits Flipped A Car To Celebrate

predators fans flip car

by Frank Rhombus

Act like you’ve been there before, fellas. Oh, wait. Let’s check…that’s right, you haven’t.

Here’s A Hockey Player Breaking A Stick Over Another Player’s Back

matt calvert breaks stick

by Tommy Gimler

Or as it’s known in Michael Fassbender’s house: foreplay.

Slowest Sports Week Ever Continues With This Hockey Highlight From An Erie Otters Game

dylan strome stolen stick goal

by Tommy Gimler

Sure, Darrelle Revis got slapped with four felony charges ranging from assault to robbery as well as a misdemeanor charge of making terroristic threats, but odds are he’s got enough money to turn that into community service.

NHL Ref Doesn’t Know His Mic Is On, Yells ‘Fuck You! Fuck You!’ At Somebody Before Announcing Penalty

hockey ref fuck you

by Tommy Gimler

Can you put the ref in the penalty box for two minutes for a potty mouth?

Bruins Prospect Gets Drilled In Nuts By Puck, Testicle Swells To Size Of Tennis Ball

jake debrusk

by Frank Rhombus

It’s a painful day for American sports fans, as today is easily the worst sports day of the year. I mean, I risked my Streak for the Cash winning streak on a WNBA game today for Christ’s sake. Twice.

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