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Here’s A Hot San Jose Sharks Fan Catching A Puck Against Her Jugs

sharks fan puck boobs

by Tommy Gimler

An Asian person taking in a hockey game wasn’t the most surprising thing caught on camera during San Jose’s 4-1 victory over the Islanders on Saturday.

The 5 Best Clips Of The Washington Capitals Celebrating Their Stanley Cup Win

ovechkin keg stand

by Tommy Gimler

Let’s be honest. There is nothing on this planet that compares to winning the Stanley Cup.

Here’s A Capitals Fan So Excited About Winning The Stanley Cup That She Flashed Everybody

washington capitals boobs stanley cup

by Tommy Gimler

Even professional hockey players would rather look at boobs than the Stanley Cup.

DC Reporter Not Too Thrilled With Dipshit Capitals Fan Who Interrupted Live Report After Game 1 Loss

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 10.59.27 AM

by Tommy Gimler

“Watch your back out there, man,” is definitely one of those things you don’t want to hear your anchor back in the studio ever say to a reporter who’s live on the scene.

Kudos To This Hockey Player Who Crapped Out A 25-Inch Tapeworm And Then FaceTimed His Mom

carson meyer

by Tommy Gimler

We have finally found something worse than a “four or five Doritos Locos Tacos” shit.

With All Due Respect To Penguins Fans, John Walton’s Call Of The Capitals Finally Eliminating Pittsburgh Was Shit Your Pants Awesome

capitals beat penguins

by Tommy Gimler

The demons have been exorcised!

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