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Look How Much Fun They Had At The Maple Leafs-Senators Game Sunday Night

Senators-Leafs Fan Fight

by Frank Rhombus

Hopefully, these two retards did all of us a favor and left each other paralyzed.

Apparently You Can’t Call A Girl A ‘Cunt’ On Tinder If You Play In The Ontario Hockey League

ohlers fight

by Frank Rhombus

Here’s a picture that pretty much sums up what the Ontario Hockey League did to Jake Marchment and Greg Betzold after separate Tinder incidents in which both of them called girls “cunts,” simply because they wouldn’t hand over their hump holes to a couple of junior leaguers.

Oy Vey! No More Of “The Stripper” at Blackhawks Games?

banning the stripper

by Eddie Bagelstein

If we can’t get blatant sexism at sporting events, where the hell can we?

Broad In High Heels Fucking Eats It On The Ice After Kings Win Stanley Cup

hannah hunsinger

by Frank Rhombus

Since only suburbanite assholes who don’t know any better watch the local news, we missed this one. But after the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup last night, Kings Ice Crew girl Hannah Hunsinger and her high heels hit the ice to celebrate. Oh, and so did her fucking face.

NHL Playoffs Game Seven vs. A Game of Thrones Episode: The Sports Vs. Scripted TV Debate


by Teddy Westside

The Blackhawks just won a crucial Game 6 on the road in Los Angeles on Friday night in a game that was almost as wild as Gimler’s slut sister. Down 3-2, the Hawks came storming back to score twice to win the game and send the series back to Chicago for a righteous Game 7 on Sunday night.

Did The San Jose Sharks Complete One Of The Biggest Choke Jobs Ever?


by Teddy Westside

The Los Angeles Kings knocked off the San Jose Sharks 5-1 last night for a Game 7 win. If you saw that sentence out of context, you might think it was a good series and the better team just prevailed at the end. Handshakes happened and lets be on our merry. Oh, and you would be wrong.

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