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Instant Karma Strikes Again As Boxer Wearing ‘America 1st’ Trunks With Wall Pattern On Them Gets His Ass Kicked By Mexican Fighter

fuck this guy

by Frank Rhombus

Do you really want to give a professional boxer another reason to beat your ass?

Boxer’s Uncle Sucker Punches Opponent After He’s DQ’d For Late Punch On His Nephew

andre dirrell sucker punch

by Tommy Gimler

Here’s something that I’d actually drop 90 bucks to watch on pay-per-view.

Boxer TKO’s Opponent Then Goes After His Trainer As All Hell Breaks Loose In Puerto Rico


by Will Kay

Two of the most common complaints voiced by professional boxing fans include rigged matches and overhyped fights that fail to deliver in terms of excitement, bravery and skill.

Does Muhammad Ali Have A Sex Tape?

ali sex tape

by Tommy Gimler

Here’s something almost as disturbing as Bartolo Colon’s waistline.

The Miami Marlins Might Have Been The First To Report Muhammad Ali’s Death

muhammad ali dead

by Tommy Gimler

22,269 people who witnessed the Mets defeat the Marlins 6-2 at Marlins Park Friday night might also have been the first members of the general public to receive the news that boxing legend Muhammad Ali had passed away at the age of 74.

How Great Would A Gay Boxer Against Manny Pacquiao Fight Be?

manny pacquiao

by Frank Rhombus

Are you reading this, Vegas?

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