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Mike Golic Loses Bet And Has To Recreate Kim Kardashian Oiled-Up Poop Chute Magazine Cover

mike golic kim kardashian

by Tommy Gimler

Check it out, kids. ESPN finally did something that doesn’t suck.

The Bills And Jets Should Do Us All A Favor And Not Play At All

NFL: Buffalo Bills-Winter Storm Scenes

by Frank Rhombus

Fuck postponing this game or moving it to some other shithole in the Northeast. The Bills and Jets should just refrain from playing Sunday’s game, so we can all spend the rest of our NFL weekend living like Charlie Sheen: WINNING!

This Is The Week To Bet Against Kansas City And Make Bookie Your Bitch, Bro


by Rakesh the Intern

Listen, bro. This goddamn Chiefs team is really cutting into the Rupee I have stashed to side for Christmas presents this year, my friend. They have now cover spread for like nine straight games, boss. But even though shit from pig Raiders team is their next opponent, now is not the time to jump boat, bro. Rakesh say load and lock up on the Raiders with the points, my friend.

The Adam Feuerberg Semi-Annual Report On Two Teams The Rest Of Us Couldn’t Give Two Shits About


by Adam Feuerberg

So yes, I know that I’ve been the absolute worst about sitting down and writing again. I know that at the beginning of the season, I promised that I’d return with all my passion and fury that you come to expect from a pissed off Cowboys fan. Then, suddenly, the Cowboys ended up tied for 1st place after 11 weeks. I know that for some silly reason, they’re listed as 2nd in spite of having the same 7-3 record as the Eagles, but the two teams haven’t even played yet so who cares? Tied for 1st baby!

Remember Before Geno Smith When Jets Fans Thought Mark Sanchez Was the Worst QB Ever?


by Eddie Bagelstein

Watching Mark Sanchez’s Panther-stomping the other night, and hearing all that praise for the kicked-to-the-curb former Jet, I couldn’t help but wonder how many Jets fans were wishing they hadn’t hoped Sanchez would get kicked to the curb in the first place.

Jose Canseco and the Galactic Beings


by Adam Pockross

What’s not to love about Jose Canseco’s Twitter presence? While most former ballplayers either fade away into obscurity, upper management, or the MLB Network, the former Bash Brother has stayed relevant by owning one of the foremost social media platforms around.

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