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Louis Slungpue Tells ABC 7 That A Massive Dump Caused The Flood At UCLA

Louis Slungpue UCLA Flood

by Tommy Gimler

Are you one hundred percent sure about that?

Watch This Hot Asian Broad Smash A Shit Ton Of Blocks With Her Head Before Her First Pitch

Japanese Girl Breaks Blocks With Head Before First Pitch

by Tommy Gimler

Hey, when you’re as pig shit awful as the Saitama Seibu Lions and the Chiba Lotte Marines, you’ll do whatever it takes to put people in the seats. And after watching this hot Asian broad smash a shit ton of blocks with her dome, the Twins and White Sox ought to think about bringing her in when their two shit squads square off this weekend.

Did You Hear The One About The Deaf Family Who Ran Over An Old Woman At The Comic Con Zombie Walk?

zombie walk hit and run

by Frank Rhombus

Comic Con in San Diego is pretty much the Super Bowl for dorks. Since 1970, comic book nerds have done the unthinkable and walked up the stairs from their parents’ basement, paid for transportation to Southern California, dressed like their favorite comic book hero or villain, and purchased dolls. With deodorant optional and acne almost as prevalent as beer farts in a West Allis dive bar, it really is a spectacle that should be experienced by everybody at least once in their lifetime, even if just for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Geno Smith Thinks He’ll Be A Top 5 Quarterback Soon

NFL: Cleveland Browns at New York Jets

by Tommy Gimler

Shit, he might not even be a top five quarterback on the Jets.

Ruben Amaro’s Fake Gmail Account Is Shit Your Pants Awesome

ruben amaro gmail

by Tommy Gimler

When Jayson Werth leaves a message entitled “$126 MILLION AND IN FIRST PLACE – BLOW ME,” you’ve got our attention.

Check Out How Pathetic The Line For Single Game Minnesota Vikings Tickets Was

pathetic vikings line

by Tommy Gimler

Whether the starting quarterback of this year’s Minnesota Vikings squad is Teddy Bridgewater, Matt Cassel, or turd Christian Ponder, it looks as though nobody in Minnesota gives a shit.

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