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Vanderbilt’s Head Coach To Player: ‘I’ll Fucking Kill You’

kevin stallings i'm going to fucking kill you

by Tommy Gimler

Hey, clapping in an opponent’s face after you beat them on their home court is a dick move, but it’s not as pathetic as a head coach telling one of his own players that he’s going to fucking kill them, especially when you’re the head coach of the winning team.

Chris Jones Is A Millennial Douchebag

chris jones

by Andy Ostroff

It is not cool to hit people or threaten to hit people…especially women.  But University of Louisville guard Chris Jones took it to a new level the other day with his threatening text message to a girl that allegedly made his dorm room messy.

Gonzaga Wins After Being Down 17, Dude Scratches Balls For 40 Seconds During Postgame Interview

Gonzaga Ball Scratcher

by Frank Rhombus

You look familiar. No, seriously. I know you from somewhere. Oh yeah, you’re the dude who itched his stones for over 40 seconds on national television after Gonzaga’s comeback win Saturday night.

Clippers Fan Who We’re Pretty Sure Doesn’t Have Downs Sucks At Free Throws

bad clippers fan free throw shooter

by Frank Rhombus

Feel like shit this Saturday morning? Hey, it could be worse. You could be this fucking clown.

High Point’s John Brown Is Apparently The Best Dunker In College Basketball

john brown alley pop

by Andy Ostroff

Who just dunked on me!?!?

Pablo Sandoval Is Still Super Goddamn Fat


by Tommy Gimler

Yup, that guy is an athlete.

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