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Regardless Of Where Paul George And Chris Paul Wind Up, The NBA Will Continue To Be A Joke

chris paul trade

by Tommy Gimler

We’ve been told that numbers don’t lie, and if that’s the case, then let’s call the NBA what it is: a fucking farce.

These NFL Over/Under Win Totals Are Juicier Than Ex-Girlfriend’s Poon, Bro


by Rakesh the Intern

And she was squirter, bro.

UFC Fighter Literally Shits Herself While Getting Choked

fighter ufc poops

by Tommy Gimler

And that, kids, is why you never load up on Taco Bell before doing anything important.

New Dallas Mavericks Stud Dennis Smith Jr. Once Tweeted About ‘Slangin’ His Wood


by Tommy Gimler

It appears as though last night’s ninth overall pick is talented both on and off the hardwood.

This Turd Treats Greens Like President Trump Treats Minorities

donald trump cart on greens

by Frank Rhombus

Oh wait, they’re the same guy.

Bikers In Ireland Cruising Down Trail Zip Past Two People Fucking

bikers ireland sex

by Tommy Gimler

You’d think you would have a better chance of cruising past Bigfoot.

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