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It’s Getting Colder Than Witch Tit Out Here But Let’s Get Hot Betting On Football, Bro


by Rakesh the Intern

Check it out, bro. Turns out Detroit Lions really were shit from goat team last week. Sorry about that, bro.

Here’s 49ers Head Coach Jim Tomsula Ripping A Fart At His Press Conference

Jim Tomsula fart

by Tommy Gimler

And it might have been juicy enough to file under the “Crap” section.

Here’s An Alabama Fan Who Lost His Shit And Tried To Kill His Mom And Her Cat Over Chores


by Frank Rhombus

Roll Fucking Tide.

Watch This Fucking Dork Miss Out On Three Consecutive Foul Balls At Last Night’s Yankees Game

yankees fan foul ball

by Tommy Gimler

Although, he looks like he makes enough money that the Jewish broad to his left is still going to blow him.

Here’s An MMA Fighter Whose Boobs Are So Big That They Pushed Her Up A Weight Class

brye anne russillo

by Frank Rhombus

If that title doesn’t make you click on the post, then odds are you’re a homo. Or you don’t want to get fired from your shitty desk job. One of the two.

The Chicago Bears Punted Every Time They Had The Ball Yesterday

the bears punted every time

by Tommy Gimler

Who would have thought that you’d hear the phrase, “Thank Christ for the Cubs” in the Windy City during your lifetime, and the people saying it were not being sarcastic?

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