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When A Cop Asks If That’s Cocaine, You Say ‘NO!’

jarret stoll cocaine arrest

by Andy Ostroff

You’ve got to be some special sort of douchebag to get caught with cocaine at a Las Vegas cocaine – um, I mean – pool party.

The Worst Team In Major League Baseball


by Tommy Gimler

Even the pig shit awful Philadelphia Phillies, who lost game to a Division II college squad this spring, have been more competitive than the Milwaukee Brewers in 2015, and that’s saying something.

Did Tulane Fire A Strength And Conditioning Coach Because She Made A Bowler Who Was Late To Practice Run As A Punishment?

stephanie sharpe

by Tommy Gimler

Let’s be honest: The Green Wave of Tulane is about as relevant to collegiate sports as I am to Hungarian politics. And if this story about the firing of their strength and conditioning coach is true, it will just add to the embarrassment known as Tulane sports.

The Nashville Predators Fan Base Is So Pathetic Their Team Had To Leave Them ‘Rules Of The Game’ Cards

nashville predators rules of the game cards

by Tommy Gimler

Hey, we’re not pretending to know a shit ton about hockey, but this is pathetic.

The Kentucky Derby Bans Selfie Sticks, Is Keeping It Cool

selfie stick

by Andy Ostroff

I wouldn’t call myself a fan of horse racing, but I’m slightly inclined to like the Kentucky Derby a little bit more now that they banned selfie sticks from Churchill Downs.

Some Dude Shit Himself Before The Red Sox Home Opener

shit outside fenway

by Tommy Gimler

From what we’ve heard, the Red Sox home opener is one of the best days of the year in Boston. Well, unless you’re the poor bastard who just shit his pants in his car and then ran into a bar outside Fenway Park, leaving a trail of what looks like a half-digested bag of Fritos and orange juice combo behind him.

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