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Ruben Amaro’s Fake Gmail Account Is Shit Your Pants Awesome

ruben amaro gmail

by Tommy Gimler

When Jayson Werth leaves a message entitled “$126 MILLION AND IN FIRST PLACE – BLOW ME,” you’ve got our attention.

Check Out How Pathetic The Line For Single Game Minnesota Vikings Tickets Was

pathetic vikings line

by Tommy Gimler

Whether the starting quarterback of this year’s Minnesota Vikings squad is Teddy Bridgewater, Matt Cassel, or turd Christian Ponder, it looks as though nobody in Minnesota gives a shit.

Apparently Howard Stern’s Ass Brought Down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

Howard Stern's Ass Brings Down Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17

by Frank Rhombus

Wow. If you spent the last three years racking up miles to become an Enrich Platinum member on Malaysia Airlines, you might want to start finding out if you can transfer those miles to an airline whose planes actually land.

Breaking Down Just How Pig Shit Awful Dan Uggla Really Was

dan uggla

by Tommy Gimler

Despite his Lou Ferrigno biceps and Cee-Lo Green neck, Dan Uggla was released by the Atlanta Braves yesterday, meaning Uggla is going to make almost $20 million through the end of the 2015 season for doing absolutely nothing. Then again, that pretty much sums up what he’s been doing since 2012.

Joe Nichols Sang ‘God Bless America’ Like Pure Dog Shit At The MLB All-Star Game

Joe Nichols

by Tommy Gimler

The house I’m staying at in Milwaukee tonight doesn’t have basic cable, so I decided to take in some MLB All-Star action on FOX instead of watching the local news report on another North Side murder.

Welcome To The Worst Week Of Sports


by Tommy Gimler

If your marriage blows, now is the perfect time to take your fat wife on a Caribbean cruise to show her that you still care about her and her gunt. That’s because with no real MLB games slated until Friday, we are in the midst of the annual worst week of American sports.

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