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The Best Of The Daily Upper Decker’s ‘Fact Or Fudge’ Segment

Daily Upper Decker podcast

by Tommy Gimler

It’s the holidays, and most of us here have already checked out and told 2016 to go fuck itself.

Army-Navy Game Is Perfect Start To Weekend Of Making Bookie Your Bitch, Bro


by Rakesh the Intern

I’m telling you, bro. Do not sleep on this Packers team from Green Bay either, bro.

It’s Official: Draymond Green Is Just A ‘Careless’ Asshole

draymond green penis snapchat

by Tommy Gimler

Unless, of course, Draymond Green can come up with a way to refute science.

This PGA Golfer Looks Like An Ass Clown When He Putts But It Goes In


by Tommy Gimler

Congrats to Bryson DeChambeau! We now know you exist.

How About This Packers Fan Who Was Arrested After Trying To Run From A $475 Cab Fare?

Nathan Meleski

by Frank Rhombus

By the looks of things, the cabbie probably should have asked for the cash upfront.

Boy, Colin Kaepernick Was A Real Bag Of Shit Yesterday


by Frank Rhombus

When fellow bag o’turds Blaine Gabbert completes four times as many passes as you despite playing just one-fourth of the time you did, well, then it’s official: You’re fucking garbage.

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