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Marcus Vick Says LeSean McCoy Gave His Baby Mama Herpes

lesean mccoy herpes

by Tommy Gimler

Now that’s shady.

Just So We’re Clear, Greg Jennings Was An Absolute Turd After He Left The Packers

greg jennings

by Tommy Gimler

In another sign that the NFL season can’t get here soon enough, we’re actually doing a story on Greg Jennings today.

The Argument For And Against Chris Sale Cutting Up The White Sox Throwback Jerseys

chris sale throwback jerseys

by Tommy Gimler

I’ll be honest: I’ve been inside the Chicago White Sox clubhouse the same amount of times I’ve been inside Kate Upton’s hump hole: zero.

Here’s What Happens When Hockey Players Try To Play Basketball

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 8.37.43 AM

by Tommy Gimler

Good lord.

R.I.P. Dennis Green, Owner Of The Best NFL Press Conference Meltdown Of All Time

dennis green dead

by Tommy Gimler

Former Vikings and Cardinals head coach Dennis Green passed away from complications of cardiac arrest Thursday night at the age of 67, but his shit-your-pants awesome tirade following a 2006 loss to the Bears will surely live on forever.

GW’s Basketball Coach Says The AD Requested Practice Tapes So He Could Masturbate To Them

coach lonergan gw

by Frank Rhombus

Holy shit! Exactly what kind of offense are they running in the nation’s capital these days?

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