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9-Year-Old Kid Asks Jim McMahon For Autograph, McMahon Says ‘Can’t You See I’m Fucking Eating?’

jim mcmahon eating

by Tommy Gimler

Ask McMahon about it these days, and odds are he’ll “conveniently” not remember that ever happening.

Happy Friday! Here’s A Hooters Girl Misplaying A Foul Ball

hooters ballgirl

by Tommy Gimler

To be fair, you don’t have to be good with the glove to get me a Miller Lite and some Lots-A-Tots.

4 Things To Know Before The Madness Starts Back Up Today

isaac hayes

by Tommy Gimler

Are you fucking mad yet?

‘Rickie Weeks Pushing For Spot On Roster’ Is Horrific News If You’re A Tampa Bay Rays Fan

rickie weeks sucks

by Tommy Gimler

There are two things that are a certainty on this planet. One is that since they have a child together, one of my best friends has had sex with my sister at least once. The other? You guessed it: Rickie Weeks is a pig shit awful baseball player.

Here’s A Preview Of Every NL Central Team In Two Sentences Or Less


by Tommy Gimler

I have a better shot at fingering Kate Upton in the Tigers clubhouse than the Brewers do at finishing with a winning record this year.

This MMA Fighter Was So Disoriented After Getting Knocked Out That He Tried To Choke Out The Ref

mma ref in chokehold

by Tommy Gimler

In what is already being called the greatest thing to happen in Grand Rapids, Michigan since the town got a Denny’s, KnockOut Promotions KOP 54 went down on St. Patrick’s Day and featured one of the craziest things you’ll ever see in an MMA fight.

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