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Just A Dude Humping The Air In Front Of DeShone Kizer’s Mom At The Browns-Colts Game

browns fan air hump

by Tommy Gimler

Man, that air is getting wrecked.

This Might Be The Sexiest Thing A Girl From Maryland Has Ever Done

maryland girl crushes beer with head

by Tommy Gimler

I mean, not including the two girls at the Alpha Chi Omega house who had some fun with a cucumber last night, of course.

Getting Arrested Wearing A ‘Pu**y – The Most Expensive Meal You’ll Ever Eat’ Shirt Isn’t The Best Look


by Tommy Gimler

Getting arrested for anything is no laughing matter. Unless, of course, the cops bring you in wearing a shirt with “Pussy – the most expensive meal you’ll ever eat” on the front of it.

ESPN Radio Host Loses His Mind Over Pig Shit Awful Giants Offensive Line

don la greca giants offensive line

by Tommy Gimler

I think this dude might have had a seizure at the 39-second mark.

45 Dudes Dressed As Magnum P.I. For A Bachelor Party At A Tigers Game Got Tossed For ‘Catcalling’

magnum pi bachelor party

by Tommy Gimler

Mustaches, funny shirts and whistling at women are all important ingredients of many successful bachelor parties these days.

A Bellyflop Into A Tub Of Mayonnaise And The Craziest Made Field Goal You Will Ever See

jacksonville tailgate mayonnaise tub

by Tommy Gimler

Wow. Batman has made some rather disturbing lifestyle choices.

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