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Some Asshole In China Has Been Sneaking Into Women’s Restrooms And Eating Their Shit For The Last Eight Years

chinese man eating poop

by Frank Rhombus

Geez, if you’re looking for an acceptable form of eating pure shit, just head to your local Burger King, bro.

Aaron Hernandez Is No Longer An Athlete, ESPN

aaron hernandez prison fight

by Andy Ostroff

Sorry, but a month after a former professional athlete gets convicted of first-degree murder (amongst other things), they should not be appearing in sports-related news stories.

Kansas Dude Arrested Wearing ‘I Enjoy Vagina’ Shirt

richard ray bixby i enjoy vagina

by Frank Rhombus

You won’t find many guys wearing one like that in prison, brah.

The Clippers Are Just Like The Red Sox Of Old

DeAndre Jordan, J.J. Redick, Blake Griffin

by Andy Ostroff

Growing up in Boston, I’ve been a life long Red Sox fan. And if you’ve only been paying attention the last ten years or so, you would be quite jealous.  However, I remember further back to 2003, and the feeling I got in my stomach in 2004 before the Sox changed their history forever. I even remember back before that when the Red Sox would rip your heart out, stomp all over it, then kick you in the nuts with their bloody boots.

2015 NFC Over/Under Win Totals Are Out, You Hookers

jameis winston is an idiot

by Tommy Gimler

What in the hell has happened to the NFL? I mean, the National Football League today has more in common with that turd Skip Bayless and the old TV show COPS than it does with the actual game of football.

A Patriots Fan’s Response To The Shitshow Known As Deflategate

brady suspended

by Andy Ostroff

What’s worse, the Wells Report or the Patriots rebuttal to said report?

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