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This Dude With A Concussion Still Hitting A Three Might Be The Best Thing I’ve Seen Since My Ex-Girlfriend’s Tits

trace dimeff concussion

by Tommy Gimler

If we’re talking about Central Arizona College hoops, then you know either something amazing went down on the court or half of their team was arrested for rape.

Why Just Make Belly Fat This Thanksgiving When You Can Make Wallet Fat With These Football Picks, Bro


by Rakesh the Intern

Look, bro. Nobody love this Thanksgiving weekend more than Uncle Rishabh. Dude is like 400-pounder now, bro.

CFL Coach Gives The Greatest Answer When Asked If His Players Can Have Sex Before The Grey Cup

rick campbell grey cup sex tips

by Tommy Gimler

The 103rd Grey Cup is this Sunday, and in this country, unless you’re that worthless grunting blob of pig shit most people call Chris Berman, odds are you couldn’t give two shits.

It’s Official: If You Want To Get Paid To Fuck Up, Become A Meteorologist Or NFL Referee

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots

by Frank Rhombus

Even Stevie Wonder can see that piss-poor officiating has become a bigger part of NFL games than concussions and players getting tackled by their dicks.

Set Aside 10 Minutes To Watch This Eagles Fan Lose His Fucking Mind Over Yesterday’s Game

eagles fan loses his mind

by Tommy Gimler

Eagles fans are no doubt upset after their beloved team got absolutely curb stomped by the visiting Tampa Bay Buccaneers yesterday, but we’re pretty sure you’d be hard-pressed to find somebody more pissed off about it than this guy.

J.R. Smith Is Allegedly Still A Goddamn Maniac

jr smith pizza choking

by Andy Ostroff

J.R. Smith allegedly choked a 19-year-old kid with braces outside of Artichoke Basille’s Pizza in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood earlier this week. This behavior is analogous with other crazy shit associated with Smith, so yeah, I could totally see this being true.

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