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What Are The Best 4/20 Jersey Combos In Sports?

bobby orr

by Tommy Gimler

Only we would run this story on 4/21.

Not This MMA Announcer’s Finest Moment

mma announcer screwup

by Frank Rhombus

My bad!

Australian Man Gets 20 Months In Jail For Stabbing His Friend On A Golf Course

golf stabbing

by Tommy Gimler

Maybe the word friend has a different meaning in Australia.

Here’s A Hell Of A Story About A Naked Avery Johnson Trying To Beat Malik Rose’s Ass In The Spurs Locker Room


by Tommy Gimler

Here’s something that Avery Johnson probably didn’t highlight on his resume when he interviewed at the University of Alabama.

Instant Karma Strikes Again As Boxer Wearing ‘America 1st’ Trunks With Wall Pattern On Them Gets His Ass Kicked By Mexican Fighter

fuck this guy

by Frank Rhombus

Do you really want to give a professional boxer another reason to beat your ass?

This College Baseball Pitcher Might Want To Stop Head-Butting His Catcher Before He Hurts Himself

bryce tucker

by Tommy Gimler

Hey, who knows? Maybe he actually wants to talk with a stutter.

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