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Re-Examining Why Clayton Kershaw Can Plow My Sister

clayton kershaw plow my sister

by Tommy Gimler

Both of them.

An Absolute Pile Of Shit Cavs Fan Literally Ate Shit At Their Championship Parade

cave fan eats shit

by Frank Rhombus

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Is This The Name Of A Minor League Baseball Team Or An Urban Dictionary Sex Move?

river cats

by Tommy Gimler

Odds are you won’t find the Sheboygan Mudplows winning a Double-A baseball game anytime soon.

The Home Plate Umpire In The A’s-Angels Game Took A Bat To His Dome Last Night

paul emmel hit in head

by Tommy Gimler

That’s going to leave a mark. Immediately, in fact.

So How Shithoused Was Ben Affleck On Bill Simmons’ New HBO Show Last Night?

ben affleck drunk bill simmons hbo show

by Tommy Gimler

Mommy, why is Batman slurring his words and saying that fuck word a lot?

PFWA Forgets ESPN’s Chris Mortensen Falsely Reported Deflategate, Still Gives Him Dick McCann Award

chris mortensen lies

by Tommy Gimler

Who knows? Maybe the Professional Football Writers of America are being sarcastic this year.

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