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This Swollen Eye Might Be The Grossest Shit You’ll Ever See In A UFC Fight

matt mitrione swollen eye

by Frank Rhombus

Let’s be honest: That’s what you’d expect a face to look like after Charlie Sheen jerked off onto it.

Here’s A Handwritten Lawsuit Against Ronda Rousey That Accuses Her Of Having A Penis

ronda rousey lawsuit

by Frank Rhombus

It took a while, but it looks like we finally found something crazier than going bareback with Chuck Sheen.

Here’s An MMA Fighter Whose Boobs Are So Big That They Pushed Her Up A Weight Class

brye anne russillo

by Frank Rhombus

If that title doesn’t make you click on the post, then odds are you’re a homo. Or you don’t want to get fired from your shitty desk job. One of the two.

Watch Paul Felder Get Kicked In The Dick Harder Than Chris Brown Hits Women

paul felder nut shot

by Frank Rhombus

I don’t want to hear how you stubbed your big toe on the way to the shitter this morning. And I don’t want to hear how you have the bitch of all headaches after a night of crushing PBRs and shots of Evan Williams.

Watch Jon Jones And Daniel Cormier Take Turns Calling Each Other Pussies

jon jones daniel cormier pussy

by Tommy Gimler

Let’s be honest. If the Jon Jones-Daniel Cormier September 27 bout at UFC 178 is even just half as good as their shit-talking sesh from earlier this week, we’re going to be in for a nice little treat.

Betting UFC Fight Night 30 Is Almost As Easy As Dressing Up As A Degenerate Gambler For Halloween


by Michael Louis

I’m just going to make this my new UFC betting advice column in the hopes that my consistent predictions will encourage you all to fulfill my Amazon wish list like you do for all your would-be pornstar cam girls. I think these bets are pretty solid and once you’re done reading this, I’ll have a Hustler Casino betting receipt for these fights. Maybe I’ll go Pirates of the Caribbean and do a parlay. For those of you who still need a Halloween costume so you have a chance of getting laid tonight, follow my lead and go as a degenerate gambler.  Maybe go method and even hire a tough-looking Italian to always be 10 steps behind you all night.  Anyway, good luck…

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