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Want To See A Dude Break His Leg The Instant He Kicks His MMA Opponent?


by Tommy Gimler

Oh snap, girlfriend. Literally.

Getting Kicked In The Nards Is One Hell Of A Way To Lose Your MMA Match

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 6.34.31 AM

by Tommy Gimler

Hopefully your weekend got off to a better start than Sergei Kharitonov’s.

You’ve Been Warned By Ronda Rousey Herself To Stop Talking About Her Va-J-J


by Tommy Gimler

You go, girl.

This UFC Guy Says He Eats His Wife’s Ass Before Every Fight

derrick lewis eating wife's ass

by Tommy Gimler

Look, we all get our daily intake of protein from different sources, but this is pretty outrageous.

UFC Dude Goes For Insane Finishing Move But Knocks Himself Out And Loses Fight Instead

brooks torres knockout

by Tommy Gimler

With a nickname like “The Monkey God,” you know that Jarred Brooks is either a beast in the octagon or he cleans up monkey shit at the zoo at his day job.

Not This MMA Announcer’s Finest Moment

mma announcer screwup

by Frank Rhombus

My bad!

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