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Would You Watch A Von Miller Sex Tape?


by Tommy Gimler

I guess it all depends on who’s on the receiving end. I mean, do I want to see if Von Miller is an MVP where it counts? Sure, I guess. But not if it’s while he’s taking Trevor Siemian to pound town.

New DUD Poll: What Is The Best Way To Describe What Carolina Did To Arizona Sunday Night?

cam newton nfc championship

by Tommy Gimler

The Carolina Panthers held Carson Palmer and the Arizona Cardinals down on the ground and took the nastiest of shits in their mouths Sunday night.

New DUD Poll: Which Of These Nut Shots Would You Rather Be The Victim Of?

matt hendricks nut shot

by Frank Rhombus

Your choice: A hockey puck or a cricket ball?

New DUD Poll: Which One Of These Assholes Is The Biggest Asshole?

ralph peters obama a total pussy

by Tommy Gimler

A lot of crazy shit has gone down in December, and the month is still younger than girls Roman Polanski likes to rape.

After Making The Catch Of The Year, Odell Beckham Jr. Can Also Plow My Sister

odell beckham jr catch

by Tommy Gimler

The Dallas Cowboys beat the New York Giants in the shithole most people call New Jersey Sunday night, but who gives a shit? The real story was New York’s Odell Beckham Jr. using just three fingers on his big right paw to make what was easily┬áthe catch of the year.

New DUD Poll: Which One Of These Stud Athletes Would You Let Plow Your Sister?

trout kershaw sister plow

by Tommy Gimler

Clayton Kershaw and Mike Trout were recently named Major League Baseball’s MVPs. Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL. Patrick Kane is the craziest player in the NHL, like crazy awesome. And Antonio Brown is having a hell of a year. So, we ask you, which one of these studs would you let run a train on your sister if you were given such a privilege?

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