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So, Greg Maddux Used To Piss On Rookies In The Shower

greg maddux

by Tommy Gimler

Lost somewhere between the pictures of Prince Fielder’s fat naked ass and Venus Williams covering up her nips in ESPN The Magazine’s “Body Issue” this year was a little diddy written by David Fleming about St. Louis Rams rookie and admitted homosexual Michael Sam having to take showers in an NFL locker room. There were two big takeaways from the article. First, even straight NFL players look at each other’s cocks in the showers. It’s called meat peeping. And second, Greg Maddux used to pee on rookies in the shower. Yes, that Greg Maddux.

Happy 4th, America! This Independence Day, Try Eating Apple Pie Instead Of Fucking It

hot american bikini

by Frank Rhombus

I was finally reading a few posts on the DUD this week, and I noticed that Gimler still had a poll up about Opening Day. I was like, “Jesus fuck, Gim. That was like six years ago, bro.” So, he went ahead and created a new DUD poll, one that is rather patriotic.

I Feel Like I Got Kicked By A Mule, And It Hurts

latroy hawkins

by Tommy Gimler

Let’s face it. Watching a grown man take a shot to his pills is hysterical, unless of course you are that grown man.

A Gay Soccer Player? What Are The Odds?

gay robbie rogers

by Tommy Gimler

Odds are you have never heard the name Robbie Rogers, probably because he played soccer for the Columbus Crew. Odds are you have never heard of the Columbus Crew, probably because they are part of Major League Soccer. Our intern is on it, but apparently that league still exists. Anyway, Robbie Rogers is gay.

NoSuch Dame: The Best Manti Te’o Jokes Of The Past 24 Hours

Manti Teo

by Tommy Gimler

Like Manti Te’o’s play in the National Championship game, the portrayal of him being a victim in this “girlfriend hoax” is a fucking joke.

Worse Promotion Than Free Cleveland Steamers?


by Tommy Gimler

Nobody, not even my good buddy and avid Browns fan Josh Clark, will argue that if you lined up the entire Cleveland Browns roster next to twenty paper bags filled with dog shit, it would be hard to tell the difference between the two.

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