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While I Was Busy Picking My Nose At Stagecoach In The Desert, Roger Goodell Was Wiping His Boogers On A Handicapped Girl

roger goodell booger

by Tommy Gimler

That Kenny Chesney sure throws one hell of a party, man.

ESPN’s NFL Draft ‘Expert’ Mel Kiper Was Once Again Almost As Wrong As Fingering Your Cousin At Church

mel kiper douchebag

by Frank Rhombus

Perhaps the biggest question surrounding the roughly 100 people who lost their jobs at ESPN this week might be how in the hell NFL Draft “expert” Mel Kiper kept his.

The Sports Gambling Podcast’s Mock Draft Will Make Mel Kiper Shit Himself From An Overwhelming Sense Of Jealousy


by Tommy Gimler

Mel Kiper says the Chargers will take Mike Williams with the 7th pick. The gang at the Sports Gambling Podcast says they’ll take Malik Hooker. We trust the guys who aren’t getting their brains pushed in by 12 pounds of bulletproof hair.

Pacman Jones Continues To Be NFL’s Biggest Dipshit, Posts Instagram Pics Of $160K For Spring Break

pacman jones spring break

by Tommy Gimler

Even if he could actually find Monte Carlo on a map and was heading there for a spring break blowout, that would still be way too much cash.

Here’s What Bears Fans Are Saying About The Possibility Of Mike Glennon At QB For $15 Million A Year

mike glennon bears

by Tommy Gimler

Suddenly another year of Brian Hoyer at six bucks per game doesn’t seem so fucking bad.

This Week’s Take 5

nick swisher retires

by Kinner Shah

A quick look at the five sports stories from this week that really mattered.

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