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These Should All Be Winning College Football And NFL Gambling Picks, Bro


by Rakesh the Intern

Would have been winning first week if not for pig shit awful backdoor cover in that Ole Miss game, bro.

Tony Romo Won’t Fart In The Booth As Much As Phil Simms Did – The DUD’s 2017 NFL Preview Podcast

tony romo jim nance

by Tommy Gimler

Seriously, Romo is a lock to have better control of his gastrointestinal tract and bowel movements than Simms, and Nance will no doubt have a genuine appreciation for it all season long.

Probably The Funniest Fantasy Football Preview You’ll Get With Just Two Days Left Before The Season Starts

ezekiel elliott

by Tommy Gimler

For some nerds, their 2017 fake football team is probably best summed up with “Randall Cobb is my #1 receiver.” For other dorks, it’s probably best summed up with “I have all four Patriots receivers.”

Stay Away From These Three Fantasy DUDs

hkp 001 vikings rookie camp

by Tommy Gimler

All right, nerds. Let’s get to it.

Apparently The Internet Also Doesn’t Think Matthew Stafford Is Worth $27 Million A Year


by Tommy Gimler

Complete with comparisons to Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford. Great stuff.

Should Matthew Stafford Be The Highest Paid Player In The NFL?


by Tommy Gimler


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