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Josh Gordon Is Trending On Twitter After It’s Announced New NFL CBA Would Not Suspend Players For Any Substance Abuse

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by Tommy Gimler

Any substance? I mean, can you imagine trying to catch Tyreek Hill after he snorts two lines of booger sugar?

Dude You’ve Never Heard Of Takes A Football To The Face At The NFL Combine

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by Tommy Gimler

Well, at least now you’ve heard of him.

When Transporting 156.9 Pounds Of Weed Goes Horribly Wrong At The Mexican Border

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by Tommy Gimler

I guess sometimes making $29 million playing in the NFL isn’t quite enough.

Parking Meter 1, Chiefs Fan Trying To Catch Mahomes Pass At Parade 0

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by Tommy Gimler

Nighty night, rabbit.

Drunk Chiefs Fan With Ass Hanging Out Of Pants Falls Out Of Tree During Super Bowl Parade

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by Tommy Gimler

Odds are you had a better Wednesday afternoon than this guy.

Reason #369 Why Setting Your Couch On Fire To Celebrate The Chiefs’ Super Bowl Win Is Pretty Damn Stupid

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by Tommy Gimler

In the words of the late Dean Wormer, “Drunk, stupid and burnt to a crisp is no way to go through life son.”

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