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Terrifying One-Eyed Seahawks Fan Gets Best Anniversary Present Ever


by Eddie Bagelstein

“It’d be cool to have a Seahawks logo right there in my eye.”

Jim Harbaugh Apparently Once Pissed His Pants So He Could Get A Picture With A Baseball Player He No Longer Remembers

jim harbaugh piss pants

by Frank Rhombus

No word if they were an $8 set of khaki pants from Kmart or Gimbels or some other shit store from the sixties though.

Load And Lock Up On These 2014 NFC Over/Under Win Totals, Bro


by Rakesh the Intern

I’ll tell you what, bro. I am loving the numbers that the boys in Vegas have lay out for this year’s American football win total. I place eight bet already this year with my cousin Manesh, who is also biggest bookie in Howrah, my friend.

Time To Throw Your Fat Fuck Kid’s College Fund On These NFL Teams To Make The Playoffs


by Tommy Gimler

An oddsmaking firm in Nevada called CG Technology has given everybody here at The DUD massive erections after releasing playoff odds for the upcoming NFL season. Only 21 teams received playoff odds, meaning it could be a long fucking year for fans in Buffalo, Oakland, and Cleveland.

The DUD’s 2nd Annual Super Bowl Party Was The Perfect Way To Wrap Up The NFL Season


by Tommy Gimler

Women, gambling, booze, beef, and nineteen different chip dips were the perfect distraction from the worst Super Bowl in the last thirteen years for everybody outside of the greater Seattle metro area. The DUD wraps up their 2013-14 NFL season coverage with a few takeaways and of course, pictures with hot broads.

Today Is The Day We Get Back Every Rupee That We Lose On American Football This Year, Bro


by Rakesh the Intern

I’m telling you, bro. This year we take bigger beating than Kevin Costner movie at box office, my friend. But even though there is only one more American football game to bet on this year, bro, there are plenty of plays to make today that will make up for everything that you and I lose on the season. And if you make the right bets, my friend, maybe you will be able to get your house back, boss. To help make that happen, I have again turned to cousin Gokul and his baby arm to give best possible guess at what will happen today, bro.

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