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I Make More Money Last Week Than Cousin Baldev Did During Entire Year In Sweatshop, Bro


by Rakesh The Intern

Check it out, bro. Got letter on computer from Brian Portz saying he did not like my picks last week, my friend. His loss, bro. After going 6-1 last week, my friend, I almost have enough money to break Uncle Omkar out of minimum security prison just outside of my hometown of Howrah. But den again, if he has not figured out walls are made of mud by now, what would be the point, bro?

Bad Beat Sunday


by Tommy Gimler

Odds are if the boss man asks you to work overtime this week, you’re going to have to oblige. It’s not because you want to or because you have to save up for holiday shopping. No, if only it were that easy. This week it’s because of Ray Fucking Rice.

After The Games Were Played…


by Tommy Gimler

We might have learned more about teams, players, and owners yesterday after the games were/weren’t decided on the field. You’ll be asking yourself how in the hell somebody could be that stupid, but believe it or not, these things actually happened after yesterday’s games:

So, That Sunday Didn’t Suck


by Tommy Gimler

Sunday’s NFL action was the best we’ve ever seen, but odds are you took an ass beating and had to pull $40 out of your girlfriend’s “new tits” jar just to afford lunch through Friday.

Fantasy Kablooey

Jay Cutler

by Tommy Gimler

After a wild bachelor party weekend in Vegas, let’s just say that I know a thing or two about the word fantasy, and these guys aren’t part of it. For starters, they’re guys…

Yup, Football is Better Than Tits


by Tommy Gimler

It’s late on Sunday night on the east coast, and I have two choices. I can either go into the guest bedroom and toss one off to two mature broads scissoring each other or watch the rest of the Steelers/Broncos game. Looks like the Terrible Towel won’t be cleaning up any mess tonight…

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