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Sunday’s Worst

matt schaub

by Tommy Gimler

It has been quite the crazy night in the NFL with the Raiders playing until almost three in the morning on the East Coast. And naturally, because they’re the Raiders and we’re doing our weekly post on the worst Sunday had to offer, we had to wait until that bitch went final…

DUD NFL Preview: Predicting The NFC South While Watching German Porn In Munich


by Tommy Gimler

As our two-week European vacation draws near its end, I guess I’ll take a break from watching German porn with my wife in Munich to take a peak at what’s going to happen in the NFC South this year.

Jesus H, Relax. We’ll Make Some Picks


by Tommy Gimler

Everybody relax, you fucking degenerates. And by everybody, we mean both of you. We’ve gotten two requests this week to make some picks for this weekend’s American football games. And while two might not seem like that much to you, it’s two more than we usually get…

Cam Newton Drive?

Cam Newton

by Tommy Gimler

There are two ways to get a street named after you. One is to leave such a positive mark on this world after a number of years of public service and the other is by getting capped by a group of Mexican gang bangers during a routine traffic stop.

The DUD Live: Follow Mel Kiper’s Mistakes As They Happen!


by Tommy Gimler

Mel Kiper is ESPN’s chief meteorologist: He gets paid a huge salary to make mistakes.

Say What?!?!


by Tommy Gimler

What do you do when you have zero wide receivers, a running back who led the team with 640 yards, and a defense that gave up 23 points a game last season? You guessed it. Trade away your next three 1st round picks and your 2nd round pick this year for RG3.

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