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How About This Packers Fan Who Was Arrested After Trying To Run From A $475 Cab Fare?

Nathan Meleski

by Frank Rhombus

By the looks of things, the cabbie probably should have asked for the cash upfront.

This One Play Pretty Much Sums Up The 2016 Green Bay Packers Season, Which Is Now Over


by Frank Rhombus

Well, at least now Packers fans finally know what it’s been like for Chicagoans the last 10 years, wasting away your Sunday by spending almost four hours rooting for the fucking Bears.

Packers WR Geronimo Allison Used To Be Quite The Freak On Twitter


by Tommy Gimler

Almost as much fun for Geronimo Allison as catching touchdowns at the NFL level? You guessed it: Telling “hoes” their “pussy ain’t shit” on Twitter.

Nothing Takes Away The Pain Of A Packers Loss Quite Like Jay Cutler Throwing Off His Back Foot, Getting Picked Off And Then Bitched At By A Teammate In Street Clothes


by Tommy Gimler

For the eighth consecutive season, it looks as though the biggest pick-me-up for Packers fans after watching Aaron Rodgers and his teammates play like real assholes for 60 minutes is going to be the sight of Jay Cutler playing like an even bigger asshole during the same week.

Just So We’re Clear, Greg Jennings Was An Absolute Turd After He Left The Packers

greg jennings

by Tommy Gimler

In another sign that the NFL season can’t get here soon enough, we’re actually doing a story on Greg Jennings today.

Jordy Nelson Is Why Fantasy Football Dorks Need To Wait Til September To Hold Their Fake Drafts

jordy nelson torn ACL

by Tommy Gimler

Believe it or not, some nerds like me have already participated in one or two fake drafts for their six fake football teams this year.

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