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Nobody Was More Disgusted With The Detroit Lions Yesterday Than This Fan Who Barfed In The Stands

lions fan puking

by Tommy Gimler

We’re not sure if this girl got sick because she saw the Cardinals’ 42-17 curb stomping of the Lions in its entirety yesterday or if she saw Matthew Stafford shirtless on the sideline after he got benched. Hell, we’re not even sure if this is a girl.

Here Is How The NFC North Will Finish This Year, Bro

NFL: Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers

by Rakesh the Intern

Hello again, my friend. Let me tell you something, bro. After another summer in India watching the vast majority of my family use the streets for toilet, I am happy to be back in the office in America and predicting what will happen this season in your silly game of professional football.

Evil Cowboy Wench Strips 10-Year-Old Lions Fan Of Musical Chairs Title

musical chairs

by Adam Pockross

Regardless of what happens on the Frozen Tundra on Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys are already winners in my heart. Any organization that can inspire the dashed hopes and dreams of a ten-year-old boy should feel proud of themselves.

Probably The Greatest NFL Preview You Will Ever See

Taiwanese Cowboys Lions Preview

by Tommy Gimler

The NFL is almost as unpredictable as dating a bipolar broad, as in both cases, you never know what you’re going to get. Based on that rationale alone, we would normally tell you that a preview of any NFL game is almost as worthless as a Jonas Brother. But these crazy fuckers from Taiwan have come up with a one for the ages, and it’s a must-see.

10 Things We Know After Week 3 Of The NFL

fat browns fan

by Tommy Gimler

After getting curb stomped by the Seahawks and sneaking past the Jets thanks to Marty Mornhinweg’s stupid ass, it looks like the Green Bay Packers might be in more trouble than Lindsay Lohan at an open bar wedding…

2014 NFC North Preview

Aaron Rodgers Eddie Lacy

by Tommy Gimler

Even though quarterback Jordan Palmer was cut by the Bears, he thinks Chicago is a Super Bowl team with an MVP quarterback in Jay Cutler. We think he’s fucking high.

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